Science doesn’t support the sex binary | Justin Dennis

Here are the links that accompany Justin’s video:

Sex isn’t a simple binary. It’s not just male or female. So let’s talk about what intersex is, how common it is to be intersex, and why the differences between “male” and “female” aren’t as large as we’re led to believe.

Pidgeon’s Twitter:

How many genders are there:

Buzzfeed on what it’s like to be intersex:

0.05% to 1.7% of people are intersex:

Other estimates say 1 in 100 people are intersex:

70-year-old man with uterus:

46-year-old woman with XX and XY chromosomes:;jsessionid=F38747026D881A34BBDAEE71FA4D4009.f02t03

Sex redefined:

Sex is a social construct:

What is intersex:

Sex Itself, the search for male and female in the human genome:

The history of “sex chromosomes” and excerpts from Sex Itself:

Study finds that intersex surgery on infants is harmful:

Should doctors operate on intersex babies:

UN says intersex surgeries on babies are a human rights violation:

Intersex Society of North America on intersex surgeries:

Should we “fix” intersex children:

Non-XX/YY combinations:


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