Due to backlash, North Carolina governor signs executive order amending anti-LGBTI law

Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to address the most harmful part of the law; trans students being required to use the restroom based on the gender they were assigned at birth and not the gender they identify as. It also continues to restrict bathroom use in government facilities. Leaving trans students vulnerable along with government employees and visitors to government offices is not okay. It’s time to repeal the whole discriminatory mess!

Equality News

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory today slightly softened his defiant stance in the face of immense backlash over his quick signing into law of HB2.

McCrory signed an executive order amending the new law which bans anti-discrimination protections for gay and transgender people.

The governor appeared via videotape to announce that the provision in the law that people must use bathrooms matching the gender on their birth certificate will still apply to schools and government buildings but not to businesses.

He said businesses can decide their ?own policy with regard to restrooms, locker rooms and/or shower facilities.?

McCrory also said he will ask the state legislature to reinstate the right for people to sue for discrimination in state courts.

?After listening to people’s feedback for the past several weeks on this issue, I have come to the conclusion that there is a great deal of misinformation, misinterpretation, confusion, a lot…

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