Movie Recommendation: Three to Infinity: Beyond Two Genders

Three to Infinity: Beyond Two Genders is the first feature documentary entirely focused on people who are neither male nor female. Agender, gender queer, non-binary and more, they’re redefining gender, challenging the ways we think about masculinity and femininity. This insightful documentary takes you deeply into a provocatively new gender frontier.

I decided to purchase this film to see how, “the first documentary,” entirely focused on non-binary gender identified individuals, succeeded in telling the stories of the individual profiled. I enjoyed the film overall. There were some interesting people featured and managed to include both those who were assigned male at birth (amab) and assigned female at birth (afab) as well as one individual, amab, who transitioned to female then transitioned to non-binary and now presents with the look of what their/her female spouse calls “a gay dandy.” Their were several couples featured most with a non-binary partner, afab, who presents as masculine and in at least one example had undergone top surgery. There was also a scene with trans masculine individuals bare chested and comparing their pecs while an audience looked on, (I didn’tget the context for this display). 

Where the film fell short was portraying non-binary people of color and older non-binary individuals. In the one case involving an African American the individual profiled was a person who identified as a Trans man and didn’t think others of his race would identify as “genderqueer” because they already had enough prejudice to deal with. He did say that in some ways he was a closet genderqueer. The two older individuals were also trans men who  felt some level of gender duality but felt most comfortable presenting as men. Now I know there are several, fairly well known, non-binary people of color including Tyler Ford and the two members of the performance art poets duo called Dark Matter. As for older folks, well there is me, and I do know I’ve seen others, however I will admit there don’t appear to be a whole lot of us yet.

For me the most engaging person profiled was Sasha Fleischman, the person who was responsible for my own exploration and discovery of my Agender, gender identity. I have shared their story here before but this gave a well rounded portrait of Sasha’s life beyond the hate crime he was a victim of. As you recall their skirt was set on fire while riding on a public bus. The film did show the media circus that followed Sasaha as the victim of a crime. They even interviewed a reporter who talked about the challenges explaining what Agender meant while also covering the crime story. What was most engaging was when the filmmakers took us along when Sasaha participated in an upscale dance that Sasha participated in wearing a beautiful gown, flowers in their hair and a touch of makeup. They talked about how nice it was to be at an event where they weren’t read as a “guy in a dress.” Being perceived as a man in a dress is a sentiment I totally understand, although I’d have to recruit a small army of designers, hairstylists and makeup artists to even come close to being considered glamorous!  Still, petty jealousies aside, it was wonderful seeing someone who’d endured so much, have the time of their life.

I do recommend the film as good introduction to non-binary gender identities. It is a good way to introduce the topic and serve as a catalyst for further discussion. 



About Fairy JerBear

A disabled, trans/agender fairy bear living in the American Southwest and passionate about social justice, the environment, Trans/ LGBTQIA+ equality and combating bullying.
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