New York Times Sparks Breitbart Article Scapegoating against LGBT Human Rights Advocacy

More on the fallout from the New York Times article critical of the West’s efforts to address anti-LGBTQI attitudes and actions in Africa.


By Melanie Nathan, December 22, 2015.

Who has hurt African LGBT people more?  Is that the question?  Ask yourself always – where did it start and unless one fails to place a story in its absolute and full context, then we can be assured there is no truth. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 11.15.34 AMThe New York Times published a somewhat incendiary article based on the comments of a few Nigerian LGBT activists who may not in and of themselves have a full sense of what goes on in all of Africa and the global outreach to promote human rights, including for LGBTI people in Africa.  The NYT article was the perfect fuel for distortion and counter advocacy against the work of the global community to promote human rights for all.  Austin Ruse, writing for Breitbart, did not miss his scapegoat opportunity!

Breitbart: “Obama and Elite U.S. Gays Endangering the Lives of African Homosexuals” is hurtful…

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