Human rights advocates decry 3-year sentences in Tunisia

Tunisia has given 3 year sentences to gay men and human rights activists are rightly upset…


Seven human rights organizations yesterday protested a Tunisian court’s imposition of three-year prison sentences Dec. 10 on six young men convicted of sodomy. In a press release announcing the protest, Human Rights Watch provided details and updates on the case, which was reported here on Dec. 13:

Tunisia: Three Years Sentence for Homosexuality
6 Students Subjected to Anal Examinations

Location of Tunisia (Map courtesy of Human Rights Watch) Location of Tunisia (Map courtesy of Human Rights Watch)

(Tunis, December 15, 2015) – A Tunisian court sentenced six male students accused of sodomy to three years in prison on December 10, 2015, seven nongovernmental organizations said today. The convictions violated international law and were contrary to the rights to privacy and nondiscrimination under Tunisia’s 2014 constitution.

Tunisian authorities subjected the defendants to anal examinations, ostensibly to use as evidence in the case. The court also banned the students from the town of Kairouan, for three years, after their release…

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