Disappointed by Pope, Ugandan activists remain hopeful

It appears that the internal politics of the Vactican, particularly among African bishops and cardinals, prevented any comments about the evils of homophobia. The church has already said as much whilst not supporting same sex sexual activity and marriage. The Pope could have just said condemned prejudice against LGBTQ peoples without violating church reaching but he didn’t even go that far. Very disappointing!


Pope Francis (Photo courtesy of Sourcefed.com) Pope Francis (Photo courtesy of Sourcefed.com)

Pope Francis has avoided talking about homophobia during his trip to Africa, despite urgent pleas that he rein in the un-Christian hatred that many of his followers and other Christians display for LGBT people.

But Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) “still hopes that the Vatican will take sexual minorities issues seriously. We are open to working with the Vatican and the Catholic Church in Uganda as regards the issue of homophobia in Uganda,” the LGBT rights organization said on Facebook.

SMUG added:

“LGBT identifying Ugandans, especially Catholics, feel betrayed by the Church after Pope Francis avoided the topic of homophobia that has left LGBT-identifying Ugandans in the hands of a majority merciless (80% population) that believes homosexuality is taboo.

Dr. Frank Mugisha (Photo courtesy Facebook) Frank Mugisha (Photo courtesy Facebook)

“Dr. Frank Mugisha, the executive director Sexual Minorities Uganda and a practicing Catholic, told Al Jazeera’s Priyanka Gupta that the pope’s…

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