Sheen’s HIV status is none of your concern

As a retired HIV/STD Education Professional, I am super impressed with Stephanie excellent essay. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Read this and be empathetically informed.

The Queerness

The ignorance surrounding the media frenzy around Charlie Sheen’s HIV status shows we have much progress still to make. Stephanie Farnsworth offers her take on the situation.

The fact that Charlie Sheen has been so hounded shows that we have stalled in our progress when it comes to attitudes towards HIV. I don’t know what has shocked me more – how blatantly the press have stalked Sheen until he was forced to publicly declare his HIV status, or the fact that supposedly progressive campaigners are using their own dislike of Sheen to attack him and raise support for their own causes. The fact that right wing conservatives in the media, and liberal progressives alike, are spouting such ignorance about the virus shows just how entrenched bigotry towards HIV still is in society.

If anything has highlighted the dangers of an unregulated press then it’s this recent story, where unscrupulous journalists have taken advantage…

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