Speak Up, Parents – No One Should Deny Your Gay Child Their Humanity

The mother of a gay son speaks up for LGBTQ rights in Kentucky and indeed anywhere her words will change hearts and minds.

LGBT HealthLink, The Network for Health Equity

GIFHeadshotBoivin_JanetBy Janet Boivin

Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, please pack up your homophobia and leave the stage. You have used up your 15 minutes of fame.Gay KT

I am the mother of a young man who happens to be gay. And I want just 15 seconds of fame to speak for all those parents and siblings who unconditionally love their LGBT family members. Since our son told us he was gay four years ago, my husband and I have found that openness about his sexual orientation has changed people’s hearts and minds. We freely talk about him being gay with family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers.

My husband and I believe parents have the power to bring full acceptance of LGBT people to the finish line, not through lobbying or parades but through conversations with people in their social and work circles. Our own experiences have shown us that too many…

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About Fairy JerBear

A disabled, trans/agender fairy bear living in the American Southwest and passionate about social justice, the environment, Trans/ LGBTQIA+ equality and combating bullying.
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