Beyoncé and #HERO – a tale of misplaced outrage

A thoughtful and balanced look at the criticism leveled at Beyond for her failure to speak up in favor of the HERO ordinance in Houston, Texas. I know many of us are, justifiably, upset and may be to hasty to a sign blame. Clearly it was the people behind the “No” campaign that bear the bulk of the responsibility. When you insist on repeating lies and fear mongering about a nonexistent problem then you are to blame. That’s where your justifiable rage should be directed. These are the same sort of tactics used be the Nazis who whipped up the German populace with blatant lies about Jews. If this continues then it will fall on public figures to declare what sign they’re on. Let’s hope we can count on our allies to stand up for truth, justice and yes, the American Way!

The Queerness

In the aftermath of the rejection of #HERO, Jonathan Boniface puts forward his view that whilst public figures such as Beyoncé cannot be held responsible for the failure of such movements, they should still be subject to scrutiny for their failure to act.

Earlier this week, I suddenly became aware that my Twitter feed had entered a meltdown of ‘Hunger Games’ proportions. All kinds of strange statements were flying around about Beyoncé, who appeared to have ‘failed LGBT people’ in some strange manner. On the other hand, many POC were rallying to support Beyoncé, claiming that white people, especially white cis gay men, were exploiting an opportunity to attack a WOC. Indeed, statements went so far as to claim that white people simply didn’t have any right to comment on intersectionality because, being white, they didn’t understand it. So which was it? Was Beyoncé some sort of awful ‘traitor’, or were white…

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A disabled, trans/agender fairy bear living in the American Southwest and passionate about social justice, the environment, Trans/ LGBTQIA+ equality and combating bullying.
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