The difficulties of ageing while LGBTQ+

As someone in his late fifties these issues have been on my mind a fair amount. Hopefully many others will find this informative and interesting.

The Queerness

Despite all that older generations of LGBTQ+ people have endured – from conversion therapy, experiencing a time when it was a crime to be who they are, to the AIDS crisis- their struggle remains. Stephanie Farnsworth examines what issues older LGBTQ+ people are facing and what can be done.

The United Kingdom has a chronic lack of funding when it comes to healthcare services and support services for older people and this is especially impacting upon LGBTQ+ people who may have multiple needs. The LGBTQ+ world itself has been poor at campaigning for better rights for older members of the community. This is partly as a result of the fact that comprehensive services are still lacking and campaigns have often focused upon what wins headlines and therefore funding. There’s still also a great deal of ignorance surrounding older people which is standing in the way of delivering appropriate support.


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A disabled, trans/agender fairy bear living in the American Southwest and passionate about social justice, the environment, Trans/ LGBTQIA+ equality and combating bullying.
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