Sen. Bob Casey Asks DOJ for Guidance on Annulment of Gay Partner Adoptions

A look at the need for adoption annulments in cases where one person adopted their partner in lieu of a marriage which was not available in the past. A little known issue that needs to be addressed


By Melanie Nathan, November 02, 2015.

Senator Bob CaseyYears ago many gay partner couples entered into adoptions thinking that the possibility of marriage would never be a reality in their lifetimes. Entering into an adoption guaranteed these couples certain legal protections like hospital visitations and inheritance rights. In the wake of the recent Supreme Court decisions in the Windsor and Obergefell cases, the latter finally bringing marriage equality to all 50 States, many of these couples now want to annul their adoptions and obtain marriage licenses. Unfortunately, in 25 states, including Pennsylvania, such a move could be considered incest and is punishable by up to ten years in prison. State courts have handled this differently with some allowing gay couples to annul their adoptions and others refusing to do so.

Spurred by a case in Pittsburgh in which a gay couples’ request for an annulment was refused, Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), today…

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