Recommended Reading: Explainer: what is genderqueer?

I discovered this article first on Twitter from an article reprinted in a mainstream New Zealand newpaper. I then followed a link to this original post. It is one of the better overviews of what being non-binary or genderqueer means. I have excerpted just a small portion of the article so, as always, to read the entire article follow the link at the bottom of this post…


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There are boys and there are girls, right?

We are taught that there are boys and there are girls. Later, if we’re lucky, we are taught that sometimes “boys” become girls and “girls” become boys.

But is it always one or the other? Genderqueer people, among others, say “no”.

People who describe themselves as genderqueer often feel that the gender binary (boy OR girl, woman OR man) is too limiting to describe their experience of gender.

From infancy, we are told that everyone should fit into a box associated with either “man” or “woman”. One of the first things we do when meeting someone new, or simply passing someone on the street, is to make a choice as to which box they fit into.


The construction of the gender binary begins at birth. Mad Dog/

Yet the social division of gender can be alienating for those who do not identify with this binary, according to Susan Saltzburg and Tamara S. Davis:

In reducing the human experience to a simplistic interpretation of gender identity, we reify the notion of discrete and mutually exclusive categories of gender, marginalising those who cross over the borders of gender specification.

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