Uneasy allies: Trans women and Cis gay men

This post reflects an issue I am increasingly concerned about; prejudice against trans people by gay men and sometimes lesbians. I agree with this bloggers conclusion. We do need to address these issues and bridge the divisions in our communities.

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Controversy erupted in Toronto’s queer community recently as Danny Glenwright, a cissexual editor at Xtra, Canada’s largest gay and lesbian newspaper, publicly posted a trans woman‘s birth name on his personal Facebook. After at first agreeing to remove her information, he instead posted a non-apology to Xtra‘s website, sparking further outrage by trans people and their allies. In response, Xtra has promised to engage in efforts to increase trans awareness and inclusivity at the paper, though details of the plan are unclear.

The tragedy here for me isn’t just the incredible disrespect shown to the trans woman by a member of the LGBT media, but that it seems part of a larger pattern of backlash to trans women by cissexual gay men. Whether it is in response to the transphobic actions or words of a Ronald Gold, or Dan Savage, or exploiting our deaths for…

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A disabled, trans/agender fairy bear living in the American Southwest and passionate about social justice, the environment, Trans/ LGBTQIA+ equality and combating bullying.
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2 Responses to Uneasy allies: Trans women and Cis gay men

  1. I have been very warmly accepted in my local LGBT circles, but unfortunately people within those circles do confirm that these prejudices still exist in the gay club scene, and the transman who attends our group has spoken harshly of having been treated worse by LG people than by hetero people… and so, sadly, have Bi members of that group.

    I believe, and certainly hope, that these views are held by a minority. I have seen some trans people claiming the “T” would now be better off outside of the “LGB”, but I disagree with that. Such would be a sad ending to a long and mostly successful alliance.

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    • I have been hearing a number of complaints among the trans community here as well. I am quite upset as I think we are stronger together. The truth is that there has been an effort by some cis gay men to marginalize effeminate gay men and trans individuals. They have absorbed the sexism in the culture and suffer from internalized homophobia. Hating the bit of effeminate in themselves and so act out to prove their manhood. It’s sad really, but so destructive for them and the community.

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