Jamaica: Fear of gays as silly as fearing kangaroo invasion

I like the phrase “misplaced priorities” as it describes much about so called “family values.”


Excerpts from a commentary by Michael Abrahams — gynecologist, obstetrician, comedian and poet — about the Sept. 27 anti-LGBT rally held in connection with British Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent visit to Jamaica. The commentary was published in the Jamaica Gleaner.

Misplaced priorities and the anti-gay agenda

Dr. Michael Abrahams (Photo courtesy of the Jamaica Observer) Dr. Michael Abrahams (Photo courtesy of the Jamaica Observer)

… When one objectively examines the issues adversely affecting families in Jamaica today, one sees at the forefront, child abuse and neglect, children born in unstable unions, absent fathers, men having children outside their relationships, women with multiple babyfathers, men with multiple babymothers, divorce, domestic violence, incest, teenage pregnancies and child trafficking, among other things.
Interestingly, while the rally was in progress, there was an item broadcast in the evening news featuring the children’s advocate expressing concern about the number of children in Jamaica who are getting shot.

So, for the organisers [of the…

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