Tennessee county petitions God to not destroy them for allowing gay marriages

Southern political tale that reads like satire but is true…

Why Evolution Is True

UPDATE: WBIR television reports this morining that, by a vote of 10-5, the County commission refused to consider the entire agenda, so the “Save Us, God” resolution was tabled. (Be sure to watch the news video at the site showing the supporters of the Tennessee Equality Project). But chairperson Karen Miller vows to reintroduce the resolution.


“You cannot petition the Lord with prayer.”
–Jim Morrison, “The Soft Parade”

I’m not sure how many more posts I’ll do pointing out the kind of inane behaviors prompted by religion in the American South, for by now we all know of many: prayers at football games, Ten Commandments monuments on courthouse lawns, invocations of God’s mercy for saving lives during a tornado (while failing to blame Him for the deaths), and so on. But this one takes the cake, for it’s a serious throwback to the days of the Old Testament.


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