Sharia Police Arrest Women for being Lesbian because of Public hug

This is really disturbing. Ache province was granted semi-autonomy as a compromise to quell a militants Muslim insurgency in the area. Indonesia as a whole is a moderate secular democracy and radical Islam has only gained a foothold relatively recently. When I lived there in the late seventies I never saw anything radical beyond the omnipresent photos of Suharto, the president who ruled like a dictator. As the article points out, this ĺaw in Ache is not a national law but a regional one. It’s sad that the government capitulated to the radicals in Ache. Let’s hope international attention to this makes some difference.


By Melanie Nathan, Oct 02, 2015.

A few days ago, the Sharia police, in Indonesia, arrested  two young women aged 18 and 19, when they saw the pair hugging in a public place in Banda Aceh, the provincial capital. A police official told reporters that they “suspected the women were lesbians.” Yes with a mere hug, your sexuality can change! Beware!

The two women remain in police custody, but may be released to their families.

Indonesia Banda Aceh mosqueAceh provincial government criminal code introduced an Islamic By-law, which went into effect in September 2014, prohibiting so called “lesbianism” and sodomy, an offenses which is not in the Indonesian national criminal code. This by-law included non-Muslims in this Sharia/ Islamic law.

The code punishes consensual same-sex sex acts with 100 lashes and 100 months in jail.

According to HRW:

“Under national legislation stemming from a “Special Status” agreement brokered in 1999…

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