Religious zealot still trying to prevent same sex marriage in Ireland

A person using outdated stereotypes, sexism and religious mythology to justify the attempted attack on marriage equality in Ireland…

Why Evolution Is True

by Grania

In May this year a comfortable majority voted in Ireland’s  Marriage Referendum  to extend the right to marriage to same sex couples, however there are still some who oppose it bitterly. Well, mostly two people, Maurice J Lyons and Gerry Walshe.

As a result the entire process of writing this into legislation was temporarily in danger of being held up while a pair of zealots tried to reverse or nullify the outcome in court. Fortunately progress is being made on the Marriage Equality Bill.

The basis of the objection seems to be this:

…the State, in advocating a Yes vote, failed to protect the family, the “special position” of women in the home and the “God factor” in the Constitution.

I’m not sure what exactly the special position of women in the home is (in their heads, anyway), nor why they think that God needs protection…

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