Church of England to blame for anti-gay Nigeria, Uganda?

An interesting discussion. As an American my only personal interaction has been with the Episcopalians. One of our local congregations has been flying the rainbow flag outside for at least two decades and suffered vandalism when they first started flying it. It’s sad that the CofE hasn’t progressed as quickly as it should have..


The Rev. Richard Kirker protested today that an Erasing 76 Crimes blog post (Anglicans’ LGBTI schism: Archbishop’s realism or bad idea?”) erred in listing the Church of England among the inclusive churches of the Anglican Communion. Further, he stated, the Church of England is partly to blame for “extreme forms of homophobia in … Uganda and Nigeria.”

The Rev. Richard Kirker (Photo courtesy of Pink News) The Rev. Richard Kirker (Photo courtesy of Pink News)

Kirker, a former Church of England curate who was chief executive of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement, wrote:

“I am afraid to describe the Church of England as ‘inclusive’ stretches credulity and truth far too far. It has acquired at its own request over the last 15 years a whole raft of opt-outs from equalities and anti-discrimination legislation, as well as making it impossible for same-sex couples to be married on its premises, or to involve any of its clergy.


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2 Responses to Church of England to blame for anti-gay Nigeria, Uganda?

  1. At a local level I have had a lot of acceptance from my Anglican church, but I know others who have not been so fortunate. I am also not overly hopeful I shall ever be able to realise my dream of being ordained myself. That sort of change in my lifetime seems a bit hopeful…

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