Anglicans’ LGBTI schism: Archbishop’s realism or bad idea?

Perhaps the answer is to send LGBTQ-friendly missionaries to Africa the way they are sending homophobic missionaries to the UK and North America?


Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury. (Photo courtesy of The Guardian) Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. (Photo courtesy of The Guardian)

The 80-million-member Anglican Communion of churches that are descended from the Church of English has been divided for more than a decade into mutually hostile anti-gay and gay-friendly churches.

Now, according to the communion’s spiritual leader, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, it’s time to put an end to the pretense that the rigidly anti-homosexuality Anglican churches of Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya and elsewhere can get along in a unified communion with the inclusive Anglican churches in the United States, Canada and elsewhere.

Personally, I don’t know whether I think this is an understandable recognition of reality or a terrible idea. Sure, Archbishop Welby thinks it’s time to end a situation of “spending vast amounts of time trying to keep people in the boat and never actually rowing it anywhere,” as The Guardian reports.

But, as my friend, activist Davis Mac-Iyalla…

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