Opinion: Conservatives Need to Stop Whining About Gender-Neutral Pronouns – Excerpt

In this post by Camille Beredjick at the Friendly Atheist blog the author takes aim at conservatives who are attacking gender neutral pronouns and their recommend use. I have excerpted about half of Camille’s post. Read the second half by following the link at the bottom of this post.


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In the last couple of weeks, officials at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville made two big decisions relating to gender-neutral pronouns. First, theyrecommended the campus community embrace gender-neutral language at their leisure. Second, they retracted that suggestion at the demand of high-profile state conservatives.

Gender-neutral pronouns — like “they,” “ze,” and “hir” — are being used increasingly by transgender people who don’t feel like the categories “men” or “women” suit them.

Michael Brown of Charisma News is terrified of this.

He wrote in a recent piece:

At what point we will realize that the more we deny gender distinctions, the more we deny the most basic foundations of humanity? At what point we will wake up from this descent into moral and social stupor?

We simply cannot deny reality and obscure (or even try to eliminate) the very thing that makes the world go around, as if anything and everything goes and the only thing that is not allowed to be normal is normal itself.

Gender is the very thing that makes the world go around?! Yikes.

Mr. Brown’s framing is misleading. UTK never demanded anyone make the switch to all gender-neutral language; officials merely suggested it as a way to make all students feel safe and supported. If your friend Robert asked you to call him Bob, you’d do it in a heartbeat. Using perfectly reasonable language that makes someone comfortable is common courtesy. What’s wrong with that?

He continued his rant:

Do we require an entire school to use sign language rather than talk because of the presence of one deaf child?

Do we require all the children to learn braille and read with their eyes closed because of one blind student in their classes?

Then why is a university calling on students to use gender neutral pronouns?

And why are children’s schools calling on teachers to drop all gender distinctions?

And why did Target recently announce there would be no more gender distinctions in the children’s toy aisles? (Will their next move be to remove gender distinctions in the clothing aisles too?)

Brown is disturbed by society’s shying away from the gender binary (the societal misconception that there are only two genders and that the roles of those genders are strictly defined). But why?

Perhaps it’s because the gender binary has always served to benefit people like him: straight men.

The gender binary dictates that men dress one way and women dress another way. Men go to work and make money, women stay home and have babies. Men and women marry each other. That’s how the gender binary prescribes the American Dream.

What about those people — whether or not they’re trans — who aren’t happy with what the binary has in store for them? People who don’t want to dress according to an obscure letter on their birth certificate? People who fall in love with someone of the same gender? Men who’d rather be stay-at-home dads? Women who want to work? Trans people who want to exist without Charisma News denying their basic humanity?

Read the Second Half of This Opinion Piece Here:


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    I have been seeing a lot of outright hostility from right wing sites about gender neutral pronouns and non-binary gender identities. So this post from a year ago is worth a second look.


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