Hot Off the Virtual Presses!! This week’s Wellness Roundup! Brought to you by your friends at LGBT HealthLink

A roundup of LGBTQ health news…

LGBT HealthLink, The Network for Health Equity

Here’s Why HIV-Positive Queer May Be More Likely To Smoke

And other big LGBT wellness stories from the past week.

Why HIV-Positive Queer Men Smoke

Be careful who you date: a new study of HIV-positive queer men found that men who dated a smoker were five times more likely to smoke than people who dated non-smokers. Financial worries and having an anti-straight people bias also meant you were more likely to smoke.

LGBT Smokers Smoke Menthols More

Well, this is depressing: a new study found that LGBT smokers smoked menthol cigarettes 7% more often than straight smokers. Among women, the gap was nearly 10%. Somehow menthol’s minty flavor still leaves a bad taste in our mouth.

Mostly Heterosexuals Have Bad HealthSquare-icon

Turns out, health differs all along the rainbow. Mostly heterosexuals–people who fall between heterosexuality and bisexuality — are at higher risk for bad health, research found. A new review

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