A Very Frustrating and Exuasting Day


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OMG, I have had a day from hell. It started out innocently enough. I had a bunch of errands to run because I am closing my post office mail box and getting msil deluvered at home. So my friend Angie graciously agreed to give me a ride to my first stop of the day, DMV Express. I had to get a new photo for my drivers license as well as change my address and new handicap placards. Well that took a while and I finally got everything done and got my temporary paperwork, (they mail the license and placards to you). That cost $80 something I didnt have. Anyway, my back had started acting up prior to leaving the house and it wasn’t improved waiting in the chairs. So that’s was bugging me as I headed out. I then walked over to my credit union and noticed some exhaustion setting in after just a short walk. I got the address change done there and headed out.

My plan was to catch the bus at a bus stop that was maybe between a quarter and a half a mile. I got a 50 feet down the road and I was completely exhausted and light headed. I  had a bunch of stops and starts feeling like I was ready to collapse. I got to the bus stop and waited for Santa Fe Trails to get there. When the bus arrived I stood up and hot a really bad dizzy spell but shook it of and got on the bus. You really see an interesting cross section of folks riding a public bus. In Santa Fe you get a good cross section of the not so well off, like me. I enjoy people watching which occupied my time while listening to ABBA on my ipod, (yes I’m a walking cliche). When I  got to Santa Fe Place, (the mall where I had my post office mail box), I went over to the Dairy Queen stall and got a small strawberry shake in case low blood sugar was to blame for my physical condition. It helped but only a tad. I got to the post office, got the change of address set and collected the mail I had there. I got a package notice and was curious what it could be. Imagine my excitement – NOT – when it was something from Ben Carson, the Seventh-Day Adventist, Pediatric Neurosurgeon running for president on the Republican side. Yikes, did he track down all ex and current Adventists? I don’t vote Republican for President ever!

So, I walked, or more precisely, waddled back to the bus stop. I has to stop a couple times just to get across the parking lot to the bus stop. I secured a seat and waited. When the right bus arrived I got up and nearly collapsed with a wicked dizzy spell, nearly felt faint as well, I got on the bus and the kind driver checked on my wellbeing and offered to call for help. I said I thought I’d be okay. When I got to the stop nearest Target I stumbled over, whilst pausing frequently from feelin light headed. I collapsed into a handicap shopping cart and after slumping over the handlebars to recover from my continued exhaustion. I managed to get everything I needed and checked out, I had used our local taxi company’s app on my smartphone to arrange for a pickup and was exactly on time. I downed a Gatorade, thinking maybe I was dehydrated.. The taxi did arrive and the driver loaded my purchases into the trunk, (aka boot by my UK followers). When I  got home the driver deposited my purchases inside the main apartment building door and left.

By this time I could barely move and just getting the groceries, etc in was a chore. I struggled to get the frozen and refrigerated stuff away, leaning on the counter. I grabbed something more to drink and collapsed on the couch. I now am almost sure I was dehydrated. I had 2 mugs of coffee but not enough other liquid. Coffee doesn’t help your thirst at all,

Now on the couch, I started the task of letting places know I had a new address beginning with Social Security. The call was soon long, most of it waiting to awful music and recorded announcements. I  left the coach to lay down no the bed and eventually heard the voice of a real human being. The actual change of address too just a couple minutes but with the waiting it was 41 minutes and 9 seconds long!

Now for the final saga; this involves one of my tablets, specifically my Kindle Fire HDX. This device started acting up recently. There always a little glitch here and there but this time it was possessed. It began a couple days or go when it would stop and show a blank dark screen with a flashing light. I eventually powered it off after a period when it was working. So today I  started it expecting it to boot up but it wouldn’t even after a few hard reboot attempts. I got on the chat line with Amazon to try and resolve the problem. I chatted with 4 different people and tried a bunch of suggestions and finally admitted failure. Of course the warranty had expired so he tried to sell me a new one at a special discount of $50 off an item that goes for $429. I don’t have that amount laying around so I  asked if he could keep the deal open to February.

So now I am without a tablet I used a lot. I do have an older Kindle Fire model and my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4  so I am not hurting completely it’s just frustrating to lose something of value with no recourse but to get a new one. Their policy is not 2 repair but to offer a discount on a new one if the warranty is expired. I’d be more grateful if the discount was more substantial.

So that’s my no good, positively awful day. I am going to get something to eat and drink and then just collapse. Aren’t you thrilled to get this play by play of my journey and disappointments! 😉 Oh well back to the usual mix of posts as soon as I feel up to it. Thanks for your support. Now can I get a…


About Fairy JerBear

A disabled, trans/agender fairy bear living in the American Southwest and passionate about social justice, the environment, Trans/ LGBTQIA+ equality and combating bullying.
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