No, there is no Black Lives Matter textbook being forced on white schoolchildren

How Fox got their facts wrong about a study guide on the Black lives matter movement…


Over the weekend, in a segment on Fox and Friends, radio host Larry Elder decried a textbook about the Black Lives Matter movement. The textbook, Elder complained, is aimed at white students in grades 6 through 12, and could “indoctrinate” children to “believe that black people are victims and white people should feel guilty about it.”

The conservative media immediately picked up on the story. It earned scathing write-ups in right-wing sites like Twitchy, the Daily Caller, and the IJ Review. The textbook became a common point of mockery and anger for readers of these sites, who piled on in comments sections and on Facebook, picking up on the theme of indoctrination of white teen students.

Except here’s the thing: Elder hasn’t read the book, the book is not meant to be used as a textbook, and it isn’t aimed specifically at white kids. Also, it hasn’t…

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One Response to No, there is no Black Lives Matter textbook being forced on white schoolchildren

  1. vicromero says:

    I’d like to read this! It’s annoying that people are pissed off by it though because the textbooks in school are biased…everything is biased to some capacity, yknw? The textbooks in school barely acknowledge women and people of color so it’s nice to see a book that solely focuses on the Black Lives Matter movement and the history behind it

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