Watch 17-year-old Dave Chappelle rap about AIDS in a PSA from the 90s



The NAMES Project World AIDs Quilt is an ongoing 30-year project to document and memorialize people who had died of AIDS-related complications. During the ’80s, the stigma associated with the illness was such that many who died of AIDS did not receive funerals: Families either refused to bury the departed, or a funeral home or cemetery refused to take the remains. The quilt acts as a memorial for those people.

In 1990, the California School for the Deafproduced a short video about the quilt and its display in Washington D.C. In the video, a young man mentions that he is looking forward to having intercourse with an attractive woman. A second young man warns him that he has heard the attractive woman has been doing intravenous drugs and could potentially have AIDS. The first young man says that things could be worse since AIDS only kills “some people.”

“I’d like to…

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