Recommended Reading: This Is What It’s Like Growing Up With No Gender – BuzzFeed News

A look at the unique struggles of Agender Identified Lola Phoenix, This piece is written by Patrick Strudwick of BuzzFeed

“I don’t know what it feels like to feel like a girl or feel like a boy.” Lola Phoenix has a rare condition that stops male and female sex hormones being produced, but the NHS refuses to help. Phoenix tells BuzzFeed News what life is like when you’re agender.


Lola Phoenix -- Photo by Matthew Tucker / BuzzFeed

Lola Phoenix walks into BuzzFeed News’ central London office talking quickly and quietly before sitting on a sofa, arms crossed over chest to cover what Phoenix wants – needs – surgeons to remove: G-cup breasts.

Some women pay thousands for large breasts. Phoenix would have to pay thousands to be free of them, because although assigned female at birth, Phoenix does not identify as a woman. And because the NHS has declined to help.

The 27-year-old, who has lived in London since 2010 and was raised in the USA, is agender – that is, without gender, neither male nor female. Phoenix’s preferred pronoun is not “he” nor “she” but “they” – which is what I will use here, along with “their” and “them”.
Some people who do not identify as female or male – or whose identity is a mixture, somewhere in between, not akin to any gender, or simply unfixed – call themselves genderqueer, or gender-fluid. But Phoenix, like many others, prefers “agender” – a total absence, internally, psychologically, of gender.

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