Important! Two transgender murders, one city: US fails to track new ‘state of emergency’

The Guardian reports on the multiple tragedies of the murder of trans women, including a newly discovered case. This article by Zach Stafford is one of the best articles on these tragedies I have read. Continue reading this article by following the link at the bottom of this post…

Tamara Dominguez’s murder in Kansas City – the 17th of a trans person in the US this year – led to an outcry. Why didn’t anybody know about No 18, in the same summer, in the same city?


Friends and family of Tamara Dominguez gathered on Friday at the church parking lot where she was run over three times. A homicide investigation is ongoing, after she was initially identified as male. Photograph: Randall Jensen via The Guardian

It is Mexican tradition to amass red and white flowers at a funeral for a woman.

But there were no flowers on Saturday for Tamara Dominguez, the record 17th transgender person reported killed in the United States this year, because her brother planned the service. And her brother still refers to Dominguez as a man named Jesus – even after she was run over three times by a sport-utility vehicle in a church parking lot.

When they found out, friends and advocates rushed to a nearby florist and returned to Mt Washington Mausoleum Chapel with bouquet upon bouquet for the closed casket. Dominguez’s partner, whom the Guardian will call Cristian as he fears for his safety in this city that has become the epicenter of America’s transgender violence, still does not know if his girlfriend of six years is wearing men’s clothing inside.

“I couldn’t see her, but I knew she was there,” Cristian said through a translator on Sunday. “A lot of people still cried for her.”

The killing of Dominguez, after being initially reported in local media as a homicide investigation into the death of a man, has drawn national attention: the actor Laverne Cox used it to call trans murders “a state of emergency”, and Caitlyn Jenner has said “no one should be killed simply because they are transgender”.

But the Guardian has learned that Dominguez’s case is the second killing of a transgender woman of color in as many months in Kansas City: Jasmine Collins is at least the 18th transgender person, unreported until now, to have been murdered in the US this year…

Continue reading this important article here at The Guardian:

We can’t let increased transgender visibility lead to more vulnerability
Harmony Rodriguez


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