Barefoot Gen, Barefoot Gen 2 and Grave of The Fireflies – 70 Years After The End of WW2 A Reminder Of The Horrors of War


NHK Special Report: “Barefoot Gen”: The Legacy Goes On – A Plea To End Nuclear Weapons

Today I spent a heart wrenching few hours watching the anti-war anime films Barefoot Gen, Barefoot Gen 2 and Grave of The Fireflies. Barefoot Gen is both a manga series and an anime. As the documentary above illustrates it’s the story of a boy who survives the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima an event the Japanese called Pika which describes the intense blinding light emitted by the bomb. The films depiction of the bomb’s effects is terrifying as is the scenes where Gen loses first 3 members of his family when the burning house falls on top of them then later is newborn sister to malnutrition and his mother to radiation sickness.  This film and its sequel should be mandatory viewing for any world leader, politician and citizen as a warning about the evils of war in general and atomic warfare in particular.

Barefoot Gen The Movie

For the time being the complete movie is available above

Here is a Playlist containing all of Barefoot Gen 2 in multiple parts:

Barefoot Gen 2 (Subtitles)

The third film, Grave of The Fireflies is one of the most acclaimed films of all time. You will not find another war film with the emotional toll that is left for the viewer to deal with upon watching the film. This story follows a boy and his little sister left orphaned after the fire bombing of Kobe. It is a story told from the point of view of what some calloused news reports call collateral damage. The boy and his sister are treated appallingly by many adults in the film and while their are moments of joy, wonder and beauty, it is about what happens when a society is too traumatized to ensure the welfare of its most vulnerable citizens.

Grave of the Fireflies – Official Trailer

Grave of the Fireflies (English Subtitles)

For the time being the complete movie is available above

Never Again – Never Forget


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