Illinois Governor Signs ‘Conversion’ Therapy Ban Into Law

I noticed a rather glaring omission from the TIME Magazine story on the Governor of Illinois signing a bill that bans conversion therapy to minors I reblogged. The omission? Gender Identity is also part of the ban! The TIME story only mentioned sexual orientation. This is an example of transgender erasure and is inexcusable! Here’s an excerpt from the story by Trudy Ring as it appears in The Advocate


And #GenderDoesn’tNeedACureEither

Illinois today became the fourth state to outlaw the use of so-called conversion therapy on minors.

Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a bill into law that bars licensed therapists from subjecting young people to counseling that is designed to change their sexual orientation or gender identity, reports the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Kelly Cassidy, in a press release. The state Senate and House of Representatives both approved the measure in May. The law goes into effect January 1.

Illinois joins California, New Jersey, and Oregon on the list of states with such laws; the District of Columbia also has one. “Our version of this legislation is the most comprehensive bill in the nation, barring health providers from engaging in this practice and affording survivors access to consumer fraud action against the perpetrators of this abuse,” Cassidy said. It is the first one to include consumer fraud language, she explained.

“Every major scientific organization has dismissed conversion therapy as harmful,” she continued. “The Illinois Psychological Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the National Association for Social Workers, and so many more have not only disproven its utility, but they have decried its effects. Children who are highly rejected by their communities based on sexual orientation are six times more likely to suffer from depression and eight times more likely to attempt suicide.

“Sexual orientation and gender identity are not mental disorders. Who you are is not a disease, and that is the message we should be telling our children. I am grateful to all the sponsors, advocates, parents, and people across the state who supported this legislation and I am eager to continue the fight to protect our children.”

Read the full report here at The Advocate:


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