Murder of Fresno Transgender woman caught on video | Planet Transgender

Sigh, I am so tired, sad and angry that this has happened again! I became aware of this story because of a pair of tweets I received in my Twitter feed just as I was heading to bed. I  searched news outlets in vain for this story. It seems to have been affected over how they preceived the victims gender identity.  This misses the point; any person who is presenting as feminine and is presumed by a transphobic person to be transgender because the victim didn’t have the luxury of passing, should be considered the victim of a transphobic hate crime! Here’s the image capture of a Facebook post that was tweeted last night:


That post was made by trans activist Karen Adell Scot who also tweeted about the issue. It would appear that the crime was only reported as the murder of a transgender person because of local trans activists and the murder being caught on video. Here’s the news story from Kelli Busey at Planet Transgender:

Murder of Trans woman Kenton Haggard of Fresno caught on video

Seconds after Kenton Haggard leaned over in conversation a knife-wielding hand is seen striking out slicing the victims throat.

Transgender woman Kenton Haggard, 66, was brutally murdered in central Fresno Thursday around 2:00 am. Ms. Haggard can be seen crossing the street and being hailed by a tan SUV. When she leaned over in conversation a knife struck out and cut her throat.

This was a premeditated hate crime says Karen Adell Scot, founder of TransCare. Scot told KMPF, “It was premeditated, and it was thought out. They had the knife ready. They baited the person to the vehicle and they followed through with tremendous precision on the strike.

The victim Ms. Kenton Haggard identifies on facebook as male but also as a T Girl. Ms.Haggard presented as female in the video so female pronouns have been used.

Anyone with information about this crime is urged to call the Fresno Police Department at 559-621-2449Call: 559-621-2449.

Another person will now be remembered at this year’s Transgender Day of Remembrance. I wonder how many victims will go unnoticed because the victim was misgendered or overlooked because someone didn’t think “a man in a dress” was transgender.

Read the whole story here at Planet Transgender:


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