Gay UK football fans lured to hoax meeting and attacked | Gay Star News

In Europe football (soccer) fans are known to be rowdy and some are racist and homophobic. This is an issue that seems to arise frequently in sports news stories. The UK has it’s share of biased and bigoted football supporters. Sadly some of these hate-mongers lured and attacked members of an LGBTQ team fans group. Here’s the story from LIAM JOHNSON writing for Gay Star News

Charlton Rainbows, an LGBTI supporters group of Charlton Athletic, tweeted their shock at some members being attacked after meeting a hoax group


Image via Twitter/CharltonRainbows

An LGBTI football supporters group was invited to meet a group similar to theirs, only to find it was a hoax and their members were attacked.

Charlton Rainbows describe themselves as ‘a Charlton Athletic supporters group made up of Bi, Gay, Lesbian and Trans Gender fans who are standing up to homophobia’, who are based in South East London.

Earlier today (11 January), the group tweeted about the attack which happened the day before.

‘Before yesterday’s match, we were told to meet a group equivalent to ours. Unfortunately, this was a hoax and some members were attacked,’ they said.

The group tweeted the perpetrators of the attack did not belong to either Charlton Athletic or Brighton & Hove Albion.

Twitter users flooded them with messages of support.

‘Disgusting what is wrong with people – hope you are all ok,’ said Jamie Thomas.

‘That’s vile. *All* genuine football fans are sickened by this sort of thing,’ tweeted Liquid Spurs.

‘Not much you can add to worrying statement from @proudcafc – but predetermined nature of attack on #LGBT football community deeply troubling,’ tweeted Chris Osborne.

Charlton Rainbows tweeted the incident is being investigated.

‘An investigation’s ongoing with CCTV and statements being taken,’ they tweeted.

‘Thank you for the support! Our members shaken, but OK. We can’t give more info as this is a criminal matter, but the thugs will be caught.

‘We would also like to thank the public who helped and the emergency services for their quick response and actions. #LookAtThePositives.

‘Once again, thank you for your continued support. This matter is being dealt with through the correct channels. #StandingTogetherStronger.’

Ultimately, the group say this incident will not hold them back.

‘The solidarity and support shown has been fantastic. These were not real football fans and neither will this put us off going to football.’

The group has been inundated with tweets and messages of support. Gay Star News has reached out to Charlton Rainbows for comment.

Read more here at Gay Star News


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