David Levitz, YouTube Personality, Discusses Gay Male Body Image, Eating Disorders

This is a subject I know something about. I have struggled with weight since I was in my mid 20s. At one point I had ballooned up over 300 pounds. Now I am 100 pounds or so less heavy but I reaped the consequences of that size even after I shrunk. It can be tough in gay culture to be heavy although the Bear community and Chubby guys and Chubby chasers are a “thing” now. I was not happy being big but had a bit of a vicious cycle going on with disabilities limiting mobility. Some guys have eating disorders that create danger by becoming anorexic. But body image is not just about eating disorders, for example, there are those obsessed with biceps and washboard abs who get involved with steroids. We have a heavy influence on looking a certain way in some segments of Queer culture. This puts a lot of stress on some and leads to problems. I applaud this vlogger for addressing the issue…


David Levitz is a blogger and YouTube personality whose videos discuss issues affecting the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community with nuance and sensitivity.

Having previously shared his experiences about “How To Be Gay In High School,” Levitz utilizes this video to tackle the culture of body obsession prevalent within the gay male community, specifically the rates of gay men who battle with eating disorders.

“I made this video to get a discussion started about the causes and possible solutions to the epidemic of eating disorders in the LGBT community, more specifically in gay men,” Levitz told The Huffington Post. “The issue of body image at large has gained more visibility in the past few years, but the LGBT community has yet to become a major part of the conversation.”

Check out the video above to hear what Levitz has to say, andhead here for more information — or help and support — surrounding eating disorders in the LGBT community.

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