Queer News Roundup, Wednesday Morning, August 7, 2013

Russia’s Anti-Gay Program Has Disturbing Parallels to Medieval Anti-Semitism | Truth Wins Out
History informs us that scapegoating vulnerable minorities is a risky proposition that can easily spin out of control. A book about the Black Plague by John Kelly, The Great Mortality, reveals some disturbing parallels between anti-Semitism in Middle Age Europe and the current Russian crackdown on LGBT people. While the plight and circumstances experienced by diverse groups in radically different eras of human history makes comparisons tricky, there are undoubtedly commonalities worth exploring.

International Association of Athletics Federations calls on Russia to review anti-gay laws – PinkNews.co.uk
The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has called on Russia to reconsider its homophobic censorship laws but stresses the upcoming athletics championships in Moscow should not be overshadowed by politics.

Australian court finds bashing of gay activist not vilification | Gay Star News
The New South Wales state Administrative Decisions Tribunal has ruled that the bashing of an LGBT activist by a man who had previously harassed him over his sexuality was not an act of vilification

Gay US figure skater: I am a ‘hardcore Russophile’ — don’t boycott the Olympics – PinkNews.co.uk
A gay professional figure skater from the US has said he is a “hardcore Russophile” and that boycotting the Winter Olympics over Russian anti-gay laws is “silly”.

Zimbabwe’s LGBT community in fear after Mugabe’s disputed re-election victory – LGBTQ Nation
HARARE, Zimbabwe — Zimbabwe’s LGBT community remains in fear following the re-election of President Robert Mugabe, who pledged during campaign rallies to impose tighter anti-gay legislation and called for gays to be jailed or beheaded.
During a rally on Tuesday celebrating his victory, Mugabe branded Nelson Mandela a “coward” and an “idiot” for not expelling gay people from his country.
Mugabe mocked South Africa’s multicultural “rainbow nation” saying, “There is only one color allowed in Zimbabwe, and it is black.”

Post-DOMA history is made as same-sex spouse issued a US visa in Amsterdam | Gay Star News
Consulate even posts man’s photo on its Facebook page and website

Marriage equality number one civil rights issue for young Australian voters | Gay Star News
A new poll shows that allowing same-sex couples to marry is the number one civil rights issue for Australians under 25 with only education and cost of living issues rating higher

Lawmakers press Kerry on Americans’ safety during Olympic games in Russia – LGBTQ Nation
A bipartisan group of 88 Congressional lawmakers, led by U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), the ranking member of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice, is pressing Secretary of State John Kerry to ensure the saftey of American athletes and spectators at the 2014 Olympic games in Sochi, Russia.

Comment: Maine Wingnut Mike Hein Freaking Out Over Video Of Man Dancing In Speedo | Truth Wins Out
File this under, “The Fact That You’re Freaking Out Tells Us A Lot About Your Inner Demons, Sir.”

Comment: Jim Wallis Silent on Immigration Rights for LGBT Couples | Truth Wins Out
During Sojourners CEO Jim Wallis’ recent appearance on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, he dodged host Bill Maher’s pointed question regarding LGBT rights by claiming how “Jesus didn’t talk about homosexuality.” Instead, this progressive evangelical leader continued to kick LGBT people under the civil rights bus by directing the conversation toward immigration reform and quoting those verses in Matthew 25 that address the need to welcome and care for the stranger.

Op-ed: Why Russia’s Vodka Dump Isn’t Enough | Advocate.com
This boycott is a fun idea and all, but Russians don’t care if we don’t drink their booze.

Op-ed: I’m a Bathroom Renegade | Advocate.com
Despite what some staunchly conservative lawmakers think, when this trans woman wants to go to the bathroom, all she wants to do is use the toilet.

A Gay Dad’s Family Teaches the Ex-Gay Movement How to Throw a Real Party | Rob Watson
This is a tale of two parties. One personified the best of times, and one… well, one was a disaster without historic precedent. No, it was not the French Revolution; it was the big “Ex-Gay Lobby Day,” which was being held 3,000 miles away from the other big event of the week, my son Jason’s “I Am 11” birthday party. The organizers of the “Ex-Gay Lobby Day” had promised that their event would be attended by “thousands.” We were shooting for no more than 20 at the bounce-house party venue with whom we contracted. End the end, the “ex-gay” event pulled in about 10 people, and ours a whopping 30.

Entertainment: Gay celebrity chef Yotam Ottolenghi announces birth of his first son – PinkNews.co.uk
Openly gay celebrity chef Yotam Ottolenghi has announced the birth of his first son using a Californian surrogacy service.

Art: Idan Bitton’s ‘First Kiss’ 84-Minute Video No Longer Age Restricted By YouTube (VIDEO)

One wouldn’t think that a video of two people simply kissing would be flagged as “inappropriate.”

But, apparently, when the two people in question are of the same gender and doing it for over an hour, it crosses into territory that isn’t suitable for all ages… according to some YouTube users.

Idan Bitton, the artist behind an 84-minute video entitled “First Kiss,” filmed two fully-clothed men kissing for an extended period of time. When asked about what inspired the film he told The Huffington Post in an email:

“‘First Kiss’ offers a view into an intimate moment between two men. The kiss does not interact with the viewers nor seeks their approval. It just is, alive and present for 84:24 minutes. For me, the video is a reflection of the gay rights struggle momentum. At this point, everyone is welcome to take a look if they choose to, yet our kiss is here to stay with no apologies.

While there is no nudity and seemingly no other questionable content, the video was flagged by YouTube users after being on the site for just three weeks and was then listed as “age restricted” by the company. Bitton blames the restriction on “fear, ignorance, or homophobia but more than all it is just a wider view of people’s opinion and view point, even at this advanced stage of the struggle.”

After contacting YouTube about the video, a source at the company informed The Huffington Post that the age restriction on the video has now been lifted. The source also stated that while the company has moderators working 24 hours a day to deal with videos flagged by viewers, regretfully, “human errors” do happen. However, the source added, YouTube is always open to considering appeals on videos that have been deemed inappropriate by the site’s users.



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