A portrait of Gwen Aurajo #ArttoEndViolence


Art that inspires in memory of someone lost to violence.

Originally posted on K. Ryan Henisey:

#ArttoEndViolenceGAWatermaked #ArttoEndViolence

Gwen’s portrait reads:

On October 3, 2002, Gwen  Araujo was beaten to death, over the course of hours, by four men after they discovered she was transgender. They then drove her body to the mountains and buried her. Her disappearance and murder went unreported for days. Two of her killers were convicted of second-degree murder. The other two plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter.

Gwen was 17 years old. This occurred in Newark, California.


Winner, Award of Excellence, Fine Art

California State Fair, 2015

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Take it down to brass tacks: Connecting “I’m non-binary” and “this is what this means for you”


Some good advice for non-binary gender identified youth…

Originally posted on They Is My Pronoun:

actualtransjaymerrick asked:

I’m 13 and I want to come out to my family/friends as non binary. My friends I know will be more accepting, but I’m not too sure about my family. My mom tells me that I’m too young to decide my gender/sexuality. It stresses me out..

Hello there actualtransjaymerrick!

This sounds tough and I’m really glad that you got in touch. I think there are many reasons why a parent can react like your mom did – check this out as it may be helpful. In that post I talk about many reasons for parental reactions, including that parents often have trouble feeling like they don’t know about something we know about, or like they don’t know us as well as they think they do. Sometimes this can make them react in difficult ways when their heart might actually be in a better place than their reaction indicates.

More specifically…

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A survivor’s story!

Originally posted on special persons are people, too!:


My friend Lyle was born male. Named John Kyle Tutor, she said she just coined her nickname that way to make it sound like her other boy name. She had always been effeminate and her choice of gender was highly respected by everyone in her family.  She says she is very lucky for having the kind of family she has because, compared with others just like her, her choice was never doubted;  they just accepted her decision with not much ado.

Outside of her clan, however, was a different story.  Although her home life has been happy and easy, in the real world was the exact opposite. Not only was she mocked for being a member of the third sex; she was, worst of all, constantly bullied  for walking with a limp.

When she was yet a toddler, she was in the care of an aunt when Lyle was diagnosed…

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Guns, Gays & God


Greaf, succinct post!

Originally posted on Times of Bernhardt:

All wrapped up in a single package here. The story is a brief one on NPR’s website about the US Supreme Court refusing to issue a stay of the Kentucky Supreme Court that the Clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky is required to issue marriage licenses. Reading the comments on this brief story, one stood out.


Wow, that captures so much. I’m in awe of it’s simplicity. I also dearly hope someone out there decides to do this in one of those states where ‘religious freedom’ laws are being passed.

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BREAKING: #AshleyDiamond, #Trans Woman at Center of Historic Lawsuit Against GA Prison System, Released from Augusta Prison


Great news after a terrible ordeal…

Originally posted on Pink Peach News:

Congratulations to Ms. Diamond on her early release!

Via the SPLC, who are representing Diamond:

Ashley Diamond, the transgender inmate who sued the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) after being denied a safe environment and medically necessary gender dysphoria treatment, was released today after more than three years in prison, where she was housed with male inmates and sexually assaulted eight times.

Diamond, 37, was released from Augusta State Medical Prison just five days after the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) filed additional documents supporting her motion for preliminary injunction in a lawsuit filed in February. The papers, which include sworn statements from multiple transgender inmates, demonstrate that the GDC continues to systematically deny appropriate care to transgender inmates, despite having earlier announced a policy change.

Photo courtesy of Ashley Diamond, via the Southern Poverty Law Center

“I’m overjoyed to be with my family again and out of harm’s way,”…

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How LGBT Burmese see themselves; plus Singapore, Indonesia


LGBTQIA news from Southeast Asia, a part of the world I care about after living in Thailand and Indonesia.

Originally posted on 76 CRIMES:

Discussions of anti-LGBTI attitudes and laws in Singapore, Indonesia and Myanmar (Burma) are a focus of the latest edition of the online Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia, which has as its theme “Queer in Southeast Asia.”

The review also presents similar articles about Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand, which are not included in the world’s 76+ countries with laws against same-sex intimacy.

These are the online publication’s summaries of the articles about Singapore, Indonesia and Myanmar:

  • LGBTI couple in Myanmar (Photo courtesy of Kyoto Review) LGBTI couple in Myanmar (Photo courtesy of Kyoto Review)

    “Familial Transphobia and Kinship of Opens in Myanmar.” David Gilbert contends that for transgenders in Myanmar legal issues are of relatively minor concern compared to the intensity of opposition and social exclusion they face from their own families. Gilbert argues that many, perhaps the majority, of transgenders in Myanmar are only able to live openly by leaving their birth families and establishing alternative forms of kinship…

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Gender Talk Asks: What Is Pride?

An LGBTQ community group called Gender Talk shares what Pride means to them

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Highly Recommend: The Faces of Transgender Teen America

I highly recommend you check or this article over at Mashable which tells the stories of a group of transgender teens111. It also gives you a glimpse at who they are by showing how they posed for the camera.


The Faces of Transgender Teen America

Here’s the link to this excellent post over at Mashable: http://mashable.com/2015/08/31/transgender-teenagers/

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Transgender Teens Speak to Themselves 10 Years From Now | Mashable

A twist on the letters to a younger self formula, this video, produced by Mashable, instead has younger trans people talking to themselves 10 years in the future.

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Gender-Neutral Pronouns Are Here — And On Their Way To Being A New Standard

An objective opinion piece about gender neutral pronouns and why they may be here to stay.


There is still a significant amount of backlash against gender-neutral pronouns, but signs are beginning to point to these becoming a new standard, and to “What pronouns do you prefer?” becoming a question in regular use.

There has long been a call for a set of singular pronouns, in English (it should be understood here that this is an issue in many, but not all, languages), that do not define the gender of the subject. With the movement for transgender and non-binary rights finally gaining some traction, the effort may finally see success.

Continue reading at Inquisitir:

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EYS! |You Just Gon’ Bully Me Tho? | Ep. 2

From The Center for American Progress:

A majority of states still do not clearly protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, or LGBT, people from discrimination in schools, colleges, and educational programs. In this whiteboard video, YouTube celebrity Hartbeat explains why all Americans deserve the same protections from discrimination when attempting to access a quality education. To learn more about the discrimination faced by LGBT Americans in schools, see “We the People: LGBT Americans and Education.”

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New blog targets French-speaking nations’ anti-LGBTI laws


A French version of 76Crimes blog is launched…

Originally posted on 76 CRIMES:

French-speaking African countries. Countries in dark grey are members of the International Francophone Organization (Map courtesy of Wikipedia) French-speaking African countries. Countries in dark grey have only a small minority of French speakers, but are are members of the International Francophone Organization (Map courtesy of Wikipedia)

This week marks the first official week of publication of the French-language affiliate of the “Erasing 76 Crimes” this blog.

“76 Crimes en français,” which has been published in beta version for months, provides coverage in French of an under-served part of the world — the 13 francophone countries, including 12 in Africa, where LGBTI relations are against the law. It also publishes French-language versions of this blog’s coverage of other countries about the 76-plus with anti-gay laws.

If you can read French, please visit 76 Crimes en français.  If you like it, sign up to receive emails when new articles are published, follow it on an RSS reader and/or follow it on Facebook or Twitter.  French-speaking volunteers are needed…

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Here’s What Happened When Grindr Users Opened Up About Depression


A roundup of LGBTQ wellness stories…

Originally posted on LGBT HealthLink, The Network for Health Equity:


Each week HuffPost Gay Voices, in a partnership with blogger Scout, LGBT HealthLink and researcher Susana Fajardo, brings you a round up of some of the biggest LGBT wellness stories from the past seven days. For more LGBT Wellness visit our page dedicated to the topic here

Depression Causes Among Grindr Users

A recent study recruited Grindr users to study depression. The biggest links to depression came from experiencing homophobia, how connected they were with the gay community, emotional support, and being near to someone who disapproved of them.

29% of Young Adults are Bisexual

A recent poll found that almost a third of young Americans fell on the bisexuality spectrum. The study, hosted by YouGov, found that older people were less likely to identify at least a little bit bisexual. Whoever said bisexuality “is just a phase” obviously was an idiot.

Stop Smoking Programs Actually Work for…

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Recomnended Reading: Meet The Transgender “Sistergirls” Of The Tiwi Islands – BuzzFeed News

This planet is comprised of many unique and special cultures that have long traditions of accepting gender diversity. It is remarkable that such traditions have lasted given the attempts by Colonial invaders anf Christian missionaries  to wipe out cultures alien to them. One such surviving culture is that of the indigenous people of the Tiwi Islands off Australia. Here’s the story from Allan Clarke writing for BuzzFeed Australia

A small remote community in northern Australia has one of the highest concentrations of transgender people in the country and they have fought hard to be accepted.


Tiwi Islanders -- Photo via BuzzFeed

It’s approaching midday and we’re trundling along a bumpy, unsealed red dirt track on Bathurst Island, 100 kilometres north of Darwin, with the temperature quickly soaring into the mid-30s.
Inside a twin cab that’s seen better days, with air-conditioning ducts that pump more fine red dust into the car than cold air, there is a cacophony of laughing, teasing, and trading of community gossip. Five sistergirls, transgender Aboriginal people traditionally known in the Tiwi Islands as yimpininni, are giving BuzzFeed News a tour of their island home.

While transgender people are found across many of Australia’s Indigenous communities, the Tiwi Islands has probably the largest sistergirl population in the country – and certainly the most famous one.

There are roughly 2,500 people living in the Tiwi Islands, comprised of Bathurst Island and Melville Island, and the sistergirls say there are currently around 80 yimpininni.

Continue reading this article here at BuzzFeed:

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Meditation vs. medication: A comic essay on facing depression


As someone who has dealt with depression and sever anxiety, I found this informative and a great use of artistic skills…

Originally posted on Fusion:

[img attachment=”181563″ align=”aligncenter” alt=”Zandt-Depression1″ percentagewidth=”100″ /]

[img attachment=”181578″ align=”aligncenter” alt=”Zandt-Depression2b” percentagewidth=”100″ /]

[img attachment=”181583″ align=”aligncenter” alt=”Zandt-Depression3b” percentagewidth=”100″ /]

[img attachment=”181585″ align=”aligncenter” alt=”Zandt-Depression4″ percentagewidth=”100″ /]

[img attachment=”181589″ align=”aligncenter” alt=”Zandt-Depression5a” percentagewidth=”100″ /]

[img attachment=”181592″ align=”aligncenter” alt=”Zandt-Depression6″ percentagewidth=”100″ /]

Deanna Zandt is an artist and writer, as well as the co-founder of and partner at Lux Digital. She is based in Brooklyn with her canine life partner, Izzy Louise; find her at deannazandt.com

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As someone who has frequently responded to online petitions it is comforting to know they can make a difference!


Today, information from around the world is almost instantaneous.  We receive images from events taking place all around the world and the world is able to respond.  Not all information is generally good in fact, most of it is to ask for assistance in spreading word of injustices happening to people and places all over the world.  We have seen and heard about some of these injustices such as; the right for women to receive proper education, equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans gendered people, equality for minority groups, protection of sensitive geographical locations on the earth and so on.

When you receive a petition, do you generally dismiss it or are you more than likely to sign them in order to create positive change in the world?  And by signing, do you feel that a particular petition will make a difference?  After some careful research, I believe they…

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You Have Got To Be F***ing Kidding Me?! South Dakota Lawmaker Proposes Genital Inspections For Trans High School Athletes | ThinkProgress

This is another example of the offensive behavior some politicians are willing to countanance because of their transphobia. Can you imagine the revulsion most parents would feel at having their child’s genitals examined to satisfy this man’s blatant transphobia?


Roger Hunt (R), Extreme Transphobia -- Photo via Think Progress

South Dakota legislator Roger Hunt (R) offered legislation that could require examination of a transgender athlete’s genitals before competing in high school sports. Hunt has stated that he believes gender begins at conception and that only birth certificates and visual inspections should be used to determine a student’s gender identity.

When speaking about trans students being allowed to compete in high school sports, Hunt said, according to the Rapid City Journal, “This is South Dakota. We haven’t adopted the East Coast culture. We haven’t adopted the West Coast culture. We maintain our own culture.”
The legislation is yet another response to the South Dakota High School Activities Association’s decision to make its policies inclusive to trans athletes last year.

Continue reading this article here at Think Progress:

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Activists go head-to-head with unaware Trinidad boosters


A look at a protest over Trinidad and Tobago’s homophobic travel policies…

Originally posted on 76 CRIMES:

Trinidadian journalist (right) gets a lesson from  Maurice Tomlinson (left) during the Stand for Liberty on Aug. 28, 2015. (Photo courtesy of Maurice Tomlinson) Journalist (right) gets a lesson from Maurice Tomlinson (left) during the Stand for Liberty on Aug. 28, 2015. (Photo courtesy of Maurice Tomlinson)

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is one of only two countries in the Western Hemisphere that still legally bans the entry of homosexuals, and one of only 11 that continues to criminalize same-gender intimacy.

As the country prepares to celebrate its 53rd year of independence on Aug. 31 and prepares to select a new national government on Sept. 7, a group of Caribbean LGBTI activists and allies in Toronto decided to hold a Stand for Liberty on Aug. 28 in front of the country’s Consulate General to highlight those facts.

Trinidad's consul general, Dr. Vidhya Gyan Tota-Maharaj (right), pleads with the protesters at the Stand for Liberty on Aug. 28, 2015. (Photo courtesy of Maurice Tomlinson) Trinidad’s consul general, Dr. Vidhya Gyan Tota-Maharaj (right), invited participants in the Stand for Liberty on Aug. 28, 2015, to abandon their protest and join the celebration inside. (Photo courtesy of Maurice Tomlinson)

There was a…

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Gender Bender

This is a unique video about three teens exploring gender identity. What makes this film unique is that it’s done using visuals only. The soundtrack is completely musical, specifically a song by Cat Stevens.

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Gender – A Short Film

A thoughtful look at gender and what it means to be male, female and non-binary. This video is more about a few people’s specific thoughts and experiences about gender and is not an attempt to throughly examine gender academically. I found this honest, reflective discussion refreshing. I would like to see a similar video done that included more gender variations but that would require a feature length documentary.

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