I’m Agender and Part of The Trans Community #TransgenderDayOfVisibility

Name: Jerry aka Fairy JerBear

Gender Identity: Agender (neither male or female – beyond gender)

Sexual Orientation: Queer

I came out first as a gay man, then Queer many years ago. Then 8 months ago I came out as Agender. I had always felt that I wasn’t really male but I didn’t feel female either. When I came out as gay and later queer their was no real understanding about non-binary gender identities. You were either transsexual or just an effeminate gay man. There was a movement that merged sexual orientation and gender non-conformity called the Radical Faeries which I admired. It’s founder Harry Hay, felt that gay people were set aside as special to serve as a bridge between genders. Unfortunately the majority of gay men went in the direction of insisting that they were just like straight people except for who they loved. Then along came Queer Nation which radicalized gay politics and rebelled against the mainstreaming of gay culture. They are still around but the focus is radical politics now.

Finally a few things happened for me. A former neighbor of mine identified themselves as genderqueer. I still didn’t recognize myself because what I saw, (I know better now), was more a phenomenon restricted to people who were designated female at birth presenting in a masculine way. Then along came a news story that put all the pieces together. You remember the agender teen in Berkley/Oakland, California who was riding a bus when their skirt was set on fire. Another boy, presuming the skirt wearer to be a boy as well acted on impulse. In any case, as I read how this person, Sasha Fleishman, came to his gender identity I finally realized that his identity was also mine. I love the idea of being beyond gender, of behaving and dressing without regard for gender roles. I like the idea of mix and matching your wardrobe from all of the clothing open to people. A shirt from the men’s section here, a skirt from the women’s there and so on. It was a totally liberating feeling.

I was aided in my coming out as Agender by the wealth of information on tumblr from other non-binary identified people. I owe my new life to people decades younger than I am. I sometimes feel like an honorary millennial. :) I was afraid of how I’d be accepted by those who were binary transgender people but I needn’t have worried the response from the Trans community I’ve connected with has been very welcoming. I’m sure there are pockets of prejudice all around but those are in the minority. I am proud to be part of the Trans Community. I love giving back, becoming part of The Trans Sibling Network on tumblr where as a “Big” I am matched with littles in a mentoring online relationship. I intend to become active with the Santa Fe, New Mexico Trans community and march with them in my first LGBTQIA Pride as a part of the community. This is me a chubby, disabled, queer, agender person over (gasp), 50:


More on my story here and here.

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Who lobbied Indiana’s governor Pence to sign the pro-discrimination bill? He ain’t saying.


I’m glad the post pointed out that the two photos are different posed set ups. The Advocate implied the two photos were the same making them look a tad silly. Anyway, between the obviously religious nature of one photo and the guests in the second, the motivation for the bill is quite clear…

Originally posted on Why Evolution Is True:

Three days ago I posted a picture of the signing of Indiana’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Bill” by governor Mike Pence:


Apparently there was another photo, too, with a different group of “guests” at the signing, including lobbyists  And some of those guests were identified by the GLAAD Facebook page with the caption, “Some of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s guests at the signing of the state’s ‘license to discriminate’ bill look familiar to us.” (GLAAD’s former name was “Gay & Lesbian Alliance against defamation”.)


To make it easier for you to see what these people have said about homosexuality, here are the links (note—it ain’t pretty!):

Curt Smith
Eric Miller
Micah Clark

Note that, according to GLAAD, Governor Pence refused to identify lobbyists in the photo when asked by the Indianapolis Star newspaper  That is indeed the case, for here’s the Star‘s article verifying it:

Who did Gov. Mike Pence…

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Indiana Is A Great Place To Be A Bigot

A satirical tourist bureau ad for Indiana  in light of their new law.

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LGBTQ People Not Welcome In Christian Businesses In Indiana – Young Turks

The Young Turks disect the “religious rights” law in Indiana and expose the anti-gay, anti-LGBTQ and anti-atheist ramifications of the law.

Sign this petition encouraging businesses to boycott Indiana

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Journey to The Edge of The Universe (HD)

If you are a science/astronomy Geek/Nerd like me you will find this feature length view of the universe fascinating. Best viewed in a darkened room and in HD.

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See The Real Me – Jazz: Being Your True Self | Clean & Clear

Jazz Jennings’ fabulous new advert/commercial for Clean & Clear. This visibility will change, and quite possibly save, some young lives

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Nigerian gay activist: I’m a champion, not a victim (video)


A courageous Nigerian…

Originally posted on 76 CRIMES:

Bisi Alimi (Photo courtesy of The Daily Beast) Bisi Alimi (Photo courtesy of The Daily Beast)

“When my attackers came for me in 2007, they wanted to make me a victim. But I stand tall today…  My name is Bisi Alimi, a Nigerian-born British citizen gay rights activist.  And I am not a victim…. These narratives don’t shape me.  I want to own my own story.”

Those strong affirmations came in this week’s video from the “Quorum” series of 11 discussions of international LGBTI issues.

These are extensive excerpts from Alimi’s speech to the Quorum gathering, as shown on the video:

A few years after I came out, my house was broken into, I was beaten, I was tortured and narrowly escaped being shot in the head. I was tied up. I was stripped naked. At some point, all I could see was my body in a casket. It seemed that I had an out-of-body experience in my…

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