Eurovision Winning Song – “Heroes” Performed By Måns Zelmerlöw

Sweden continues to show they know how to create catchy pop music, as the nation’s representing performer wins The Eurovision Song Contest. ABBA famously got their start by performing Waterloo 40+ years ago. So let’s see if Måns Zelmerlöw will become well known or a flash in the pan.

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Ireland Votes to Legalize Gay Marriage in Historic Referendum


The results are in and it’s official – Ireland voted for marriage equality in a big way. Here’s the story from TIME…

Originally posted on TIME:

(DUBLIN)—Irish voters backed legalizing gay marriage by a landslide, according to electoral figures announced Saturday—a stunning result that illustrates the rapid social change taking place in this traditionally Catholic nation.

Figures from Friday’s referendum announced at Dublin Castle showed that 62.1 percent of Irish voters said “yes.” Outside, watching the results announcement live in the castle’s cobblestoned courtyard, thousands of gay rights activists cheered, hugged and cried.

The unexpectedly strong percentage of approval surprised both sides. Analysts and campaigners credited the “yes” side with adeptly using social media to mobilize first-time young voters and for a series of searing personal stories from Irish gay people to convince voters to back equal marriage rights.

Ireland is the first country to approve gay marriage in a popular national vote. Nineteen other countries have legalized the practice.

“We’re the first country in the world to enshrine marriage equality in our constitution and do…

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Recount: 75 (or 79) nations where homosexuality is illegal


After the hood news in Ireland, some sad news from elsewhere in the world. I notice they did explain the inclusion of Indonesia but to be fair they should highlight just the part of the country where homosexuality is illegal .The country is huge and a sizeable percentage has no anti-gay law…

Originally posted on 76 CRIMES:

This blog's map of 79 countries with laws against sexual relations between people of the same sex, four more than are on the ILGA list. (See the article for an explanation why.) This blog’s map of 79 countries with laws against sexual relations between people of the same sex, four more than are on the ILGA list. (See the article for an explanation why.)

The number of countries with anti-homosexuality laws is currently 75, according to the latest tally from ILGA, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association. That’s down one from earlier this month, when the African nation of Chad was incorrectly included in the list.

This blog now lists a total of 79, including four political entities that ILGA excludes. Those four are  Palestine/Gaza, Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, and the Cook Islands, which are not member countries at the United Nations, and Indonesia, where two large states have anti-homosexuality laws although the nation as a whole does not.

Chad was briefly added to both lists — by mistake — because of a proposed new Penal Code that would provide for 15…

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One of those days


Some interesting tweets and opinion on the yes to marriage equality in Ireland…

Originally posted on Why Evolution Is True:

Today we have a report from On the Spot by our Official Ireland Correspondent, writing about the gay marriage referendum, which just won approval in that Catholic country.

by Grania Spingies

Every once in a while you have a day that you will remember for the rest of your life. Sometimes it’s because of something personal and private, sometimes it’s because you were there when history was made. Either way, if you are lucky it will be a good memory, a day you remember with smiles and happiness. Ireland has had one of those days today. Today Ireland has voted for same-sex marriage with a resounding YES!

Actually, I stand corrected.

Ireland has a relatively unique situation in which anything requiring a change to Irish law must be ratified by the electorate in a referendum. Although polls have shown for some time that the majority were in favor of same-sex marriage, there were…

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Both sides say ‘yes’ wins Ireland’s gay marriage referendum


Yes, yes!

Originally posted on Global News:

DUBLIN – Leaders on both sides of Ireland’s gay marriage campaign say advocates of legalization have won a resounding victory with the ballot count still underway.

Senior figures from the “no” campaign, who sought to prevent Ireland’s constitution from being amended to permit gay marriage, say the only question Saturday is how large the “yes” side’s margin of victory will be from Friday’s vote.

READ MORE: Irish emigrants head #hometovote in historic same-sex marriage vote

An Irish Cabinet minister, Leo Varadkar, who came out as gay at the start of the government’s campaign, says Dublin looks to have voted about 70 per cent in favour of gay marriage, while most districts outside the capital also were reporting strong “yes” leads. Official results come later Saturday.

READ MORE: Irish premier: ‘Create history’ by voting for gay marriage

Varadkar said: “We’re the first country in the world to enshrine marriage equality…

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In historic shift, gay marriage set to become legal in Ireland


Another report on the history being made in Ireland…

Originally posted on The Daily News:

1020883-6-20150523053722-gay-marriage-on-track-for-win-in-historic-ireland-voteDUBLIN —  Great news for  people in Ireland and likely those seeking to marry in the region. In what is expected to be a ‘Win by popular vote’ gay marriage is set to become law in the country upon final vote counts later today.   The news comes as a surprise to some  considering just 20 years ago homosexuality was illegal.

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What a day, what a day, what a day…


Congratulations to the Yes Campaign on the big win for Marriage Equality in Ireland. So many Irish are just overwhelmed with pride at the big yes vote so far. Even the opposition conceded an hour after counting began. Thanks to Unshaved Mouse for their reaction!

Originally posted on unshavedmouse:

A warning. What follows will be rambling, disjointed and emotional.

As I write this it’s half an hour passed ten on May 23rd, the morning after the referendum and since nine o’clock an army of dutiful citizens have been counting votes for the first election of its kind in the history of the world: a popular vote to allow marriage for our gay and lesbian countrymen. We were told we wouldn’t know until around three this afternoon. Turns out they didn’t need that long.

It was a walk. No contest.

Love took on the forces of bigotry, inertia, prejudice and fear and love kicked their asses like Captain America in an elevator.

Dublin went Yes by 75%. The victory was not a surprise, the margin was. But even in the rural areas, the “real” Ireland, it’s been a landslide.

Even Donegal, who usually vote against the rest of the country…

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