A Sad Day, A Sad Memory, A Sad Anniversary and A Shared History


By now many of you know that there was a day long ordeal with an “active shooter” at the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. News outlets are now reporting 2 civilians and one police officer have been killed and another 5 police officers and 4 civilians were injured. I have a terrible feeling of deja vu about all this. I’ll get to the reason for the deja vu in a bit.

First, although we don’t know all the facts, we do know that there has been a targeted campaign to discredit and shut down Planned Parenthood funding. This campaign was orchestrated by some right wing troublemakers who took footage they secretly filmed of a conversation with a Planned Parenthood staff member. A highly edited version of this was released in July during which the totally legal use of fetal tissue for medical research was discussed. This has been used to whip anti-choice zealots into a frenzy. Here’s an excerpt from The Guardian:

Vicki Saporta, president and chief executive of the National Abortion Federation, said her organisation had feared such an attack after the release of “highly edited, misleading anti-abortion videos was released in July”.

“This clinic is part of the Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains affiliate, which was featured in one of the highly-edited smear videos released this summer. Since that video, the affiliate has seen an increase in protesters and death threats against one of their doctors.

Although anti-abortion groups may condemn this type of violence when it happens, the way that they target and demonize providers contributes to a culture where some feel it is justifiable to murder doctors simply because they provide women with the abortion care they need.

“Since 1977, there have been 8 murders, 17 attempted murders, 42 bombings, 186 arsons, and thousands of incidents of criminal activities. The last abortion provider was murdered in 2009 when NAF member Dr. George Tiller was assassinated in his church in Wichita, Kansas.”

The reason this feels like deja vu for me was an incident involving 2 of those previous murders. This happened on December 30, 1994 in Brookline Massachusetts a city adjacent to Boston. On that occasion John Salvi III walked into a Planned Parenthood clinic in Brookline, and killed receptionist Shannon Lowney and wounding three other clinic workers with a 22 caliber rifle. He then went to another nearby clinic, Pre-term Health Services, killing receptionist Lee Ann Nichols and wounding two other clinic workers. He had apparently been prepared to do much more because he dropped a second gun and 700 rounds of ammunition in his flight after a security guard returned fire at PreTerm.

At that time my then partner Greg was working for Planned Parenthood in Worcester while I was working at another Family Planning agency, also in Worcester. That morning Greg had told me he was going to a meeting at one of the Boston Planned Parenthood locations. When I  heard the news I went into full panic mode. This was before the widespread use of cell phones so all we had were beeper to contact people in an emergency. I quickly dialed Greg’s beeper entered my office phone number then 911 (for non-North Americans that’s the number for emergency services). I have never felt so relieved in my life to hear someone’s voice as I felt when I talked to Greg on the phone.

Over the next couple weeks we processed how we were feeling. I began to read up on the history that linked the pro-choice movement and the LGBTQ rights movement together. The shared history went back to Germany during the time of the Nazis. On October 26, 1936, Heinrich Himmler formed within the Security Police the Reich Central Office for Combating Abortion and Homosexuality. Josef Meisinger, executed in 1947 for his brutality in occupied Poland, led the new office. The police had powers to hold in protective custody or preventive arrest those deemed dangerous to Germany’s moral fiber, jailing indefinitely—without trial—anyone they chose.

The religious right has for decades demonized both non-heterosexuals and providers of abortion services. In many ways they are the heirs to Heinrich Himmler’s office for “combating abortion and homosexuality.” It is clear that the kind of hysteria whipped up against the recent Supreme Court decision on marriage equality is similar to the hysteria whipped up against the Supreme Court decision in Roe vs Wade. Unfortunately this rhetoric leads some particularly susceptible people to plan and perpetrate violent action. This was true with John Salvi in 1994. It was also true 37 years ago on November 27, 1978 when Supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone were shot and killed by former Supervisor Dan White.

So it seems that November 27th will now link together the pro-choice movement and the LGBTQ rights movement just like Heinrich Himmler linked us together in 1936. We may have become distracted by the buffoons running for the Republican Nomination for President but make no mistake, amongst their followers are those who view violence as acceptable. They are not put off by extremist rhetoric because it mirrors their own. Tomorrow the candidates on the Republican side will decry violence but soon they will go back to vilifying lesbians, gays, bisexuals and their new favorite villians,  transgender people. They will continue seeking to defunct Planned Parenthood even though no federal dollars are used to fund abortions.

After the shootings in 1994, Greg and I attended a memorial service for Shannon Lowney, the Planned Parenthood receptionist killed by John Salvi. The service was held in the Arlington Street Church, one of the mother churches of the Unitarian Universalist Association which has long supported freedom of choice and LGBTQ rights. Together we mourned and vowed to continue to be there for women who needed someone to make safe reproductive health care available. I am sure a similar service will soon be held in Colorado Springs. As for myself I remain a Feminist, a supporter of a woman’s right to choose, an Agender/Trans person who will continue to fight for LGBTQIA rights, including marriage equality and Trans restroom rights. We can’t let hate and intolerance win!

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Rainbow Catholics to Pope: Preach love of gay neighbors


The Pope is urged to preach support of gay neighbors.

Originally posted on 76 CRIMES:

A newly formed coalition of LGBTI Catholics is urging Pope Francis to speak out against faith-based homophobia during his current trip to Africa. The Rainbow Catholic Network of Africa issued this appeal to the pope:

No to Religious Homophobia and Yes to LGBTI Catholic Inclusion in Africa

Logo of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics Logo of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics

Today Rainbow Catholic Network of Africa welcomes the visit of the Holy Father to Africa, Pope Francis “the people’s pope”, who has strongly stood against discrimination. You have preached love across the world and it is the same massage  which we wait for  from you in Africa.

Today we ask you to join us and speak out in solidarity with lesbians, gays, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) persons who are living in fear and are victims of their community’s rejection or religious leader’s comments of hate and discrimination and lack of pity.

LGBTI African Catholics have…

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Uganda OKs bill that allows repression of activist groups


More on the repressive bill in Uganda…

Originally posted on 76 CRIMES:

Entranceway to Uganda's parliament building. (Photo courtesy of The New Civil Rights Movement) Entranceway to Uganda’s parliament building. (Photo courtesy of The New Civil Rights Movement)

The Ugandan parliament unanimously passed a bill late Nov. 26 that would give the government broad powers to disband any nongovernmental organization that it considered contrary to the public interest or “contrary to the dignity of the people of Uganda.”

Leaders of any organization operating without government approval could be imprisoned for up to eight years, according to the original text of the bill.

The specific language of the bill, as passed, was not immediately available, but its original text was condemned by a wide range of organizations, including groups seeking recognition of the human rights of LGBTI Ugandans.

Kikonyogo Kivumbi (Photo courtesy of the Global Fund) Kikonyogo Kivumbi (Photo courtesy of the Global Fund)

Kikonyogo Kivumbi, an elected representative of Ugandan sexual minorities who are at high risk of HIV, said in August, “If passed in its current form, we have a founded fear…

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Ugandan Journalist Refugee Arrives in Miami After Speaking Against the Anti Gay Legislation


A Ugandan journalist escapes to the USA…

Originally posted on O-blog-dee-o-blog-da:

After much courage and hardship we welcome Andrew Ssebulime, a young hero, to America. An extraordinary journey by a resilient young man. Now our hope is that the Miami community will embrace Andrew and make him feel welcome!

By Melanie Nathan, November, 25, 2015.

A  journalist, who fled Uganda in fear of his life, has finally been resettled by UNHCR as a refugee in the United States. This is another one of too many stories in the insidious upheaval caused by the Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2014 and its horrendous genesis and continued trajectory.

After almost two years of uncertainty and much difficulty, Andrew Ssebulime, a famed Ugandan journalist,  arrived last week at Miami International Airport, ready to start his new life in the United States of America. If Uganda was a country that respected human rights, freedom of press and speech, Andrew may well still be enjoying a successful career…

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Uganda Passes Repressive Anti NGO Bill


A bill targeting organizations supportive of LGBTQIA rights amongst other causes is passed in Uganda.

Originally posted on O-blog-dee-o-blog-da:

” Organizations involved with LGBT issues and human rights defenders will be especially hard hit as the onerous legislation will impinge upon basic  freedoms, democracy and human rights. Democracy weeps!” Melanie Nathan, Executive Director,  African Human Rights Coalition.

By Melanie Nathan, November 26, 2015.

We have received a report that the Ugandan Parliament, today,  passed the draconian Non-Governmental Organizations Bill of 2015,  restricting more freedoms for Ugandan citizens.  Uganda now joins other countries in East Africa attempting to use legislation to curb the operations of NGOs and civil society organizations.

This Bill was touted by Ugandan Parliamentarians as follows:

“The Non-Governmental Organisations Bill, 2015 has been developed with an object of repealing and replacing the Non-Governmental Organisations Act Cap. 113. The intended purpose is to provide for an enabling environment for NGOs and strengthen the capacity of the NGO Board to register, regulate, coordinate and monitor NGO activities. The Bill…

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UK Government issues guide for employers on hiring and supporting trans staff – Gay Star News

The Government of The United Kingdom has come out with guidance for employers and service providers on how to be supportive if transgender staff and customers. Here’s an excerpt from the report by David Hudson, writing for Gay Star News. Continue reading this article by following the link at the bottom of this post.

UK Government issues guide for employers on hiring and supporting trans staff. It’s also issued guidance for service providers on how to make transgender customers feel valued and welcomed


-- Nicky Morgan, Minister for Women and Equalities -- Photo from Facebook via Gay Star News

The UK government has today issued workplace guidelines for employers on hiring, retaining and supporting transgender staff.

The Government Equalities Office publication, The recruitment and retention of transgender staff – guidance for employers, has been produced in conjunction with workplace diversity advocacy organization, Inclusive Employers.

A government statement says that the aim of the guide is ‘to provide employers with practical advice, suggestions and ideas on the recruitment and retention of transgender employees and potential employees.’

It also carries information of interest to managers of trans staff, and to transgender employees themselves.

In a statement, Nicky Morgan, Minister for Women and Equalities said: ‘This government is committed to ensuring that everyone can fulfill their potential, including transgender and non-binary people.

‘Many transgender people still face discrimination in the workplace, as well as in their day-to-day lives.

‘The guidance for employers and service providers we are publishing today is an important step towards helping improve knowledge and understanding to ensure all members of our society can live their lives free from discrimination.’

The guide includes advice on allowing people flexibility on application forms when asking about their preferred title, including trans people in equality monitoring, planning around an individual’s transition, and the use of facilities such as restrooms.

It also includes anecdotal feedback from transgender workers, such as this anonymous recollection of an interview experience…

Continue reading this report here at Gay Star News:

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Four Ways To Be A Great Ally At Thanksgiving!


Some great advice on being a good ally for trans people on Thanksgiving and indeed for the whole holiday season, from the good folks at The National Center for Transgender Equality.

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Protesters seek to end LGBTI repression in Commonwealth


The former colonizer (Great Britain) has done away with its anti-LGBTQ laws now it’s time for them to admit they were wrong and exert pressure on their former colonies to repeal sodomy laws and other anti-LGBTQ laws.

Originally posted on 76 CRIMES:

Demonstrators ralliy outside the London headquarters of the Commonwealth on Nov. 25, seeking repeal of anti-homosexuality laws. (Photo courtesy of Peter Tatchell Foundation) Demonstrators rally outside the London headquarters of the Commonwealth on Nov. 25, seeking repeal of anti-homosexuality laws. (Photo courtesy of Peter Tatchell Foundation)

African LGBTI activists and their allies are urging 40 countries that formerly were part of the British Empire to throw off the chains that the colonial empire created for LGBTI citizens in the form of now-ancient anti-homosexuality laws.

During a protest at the Commonwealth’s London headquarters on Nov. 25, they called for action during the upcoming Commonwealth leadership meeting in Malta. This is their press release about the protest:

Commonwealth Summit in Malta urged to back LGBTI equality

For 66 years, the Commonwealth has refused to even discuss LGBTI rights

"Love Is Not A Crime," say demonstrators in London on Nov. 25, seeking repeal of anti-homosexuality laws. (Photo courtesy of Peter Tatchell Foundation) “Love Is Not A Crime,” say demonstrators in London on Nov. 25, seeking repeal of anti-homosexuality laws. (Photo courtesy of Peter Tatchell Foundation)

London, UK – 25 November 2015

Fifty people rallied outside the London headquarters of…

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A Thanksgiving Miracle – SNL

Saturday Night Live presents a Thanksgiving table surrounded by offensively opinionated relatives touching on topics like Syrian refugees, Black Lives Matter and the “transgender trend.” The lesson is clear, when the bigoted relative begins to say something offensive just blast some Adele! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY (whether it be the family you grew up with or the family you created when you came out).

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Japanese professional baseball players amuse fans with girly crossdressing makeovers【Video】


Now this is a story it’s unlikely you’ll see involving a North American baseball team!

Originally posted on RocketNews24:


It was quite a show at the Rakuten Eagle Fan Festival 2015, where players from the Japanese professional baseball team dressed as female look-alikes drew the most laughs and smiles from the audience.

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Cis gay men and Caitlyn Jenner: a match made in ignorance and assumption


An interesting take on Caitlyn Jenner’s political affiliation and why that’s distressing so many. I hope that her circle of trans friends will continue to educate her so she sees how political choices directly impact the lives of the more disenfranchised members of the Trans community.

Originally posted on The Queerness:

Cis gay men have fallen out with Caitlyn Jenner because she still plans to vote Republican. Jonathan Boniface explains why this shouldn’t come as a surprise, and explores some of the misguided assumptions that cis gay men make of trans people. 

Gay men have fallen out with Caitlyn Jenner. The love affair is apparently over for many of us. The reason – she would still vote Republican. Colour me shocked! (Goodness, I really do hope that my prosaic style is conveying my deep-rooted sense of sarcasm here.)

Sarcasm aside, one could argue that cis gay men need more trans role models. In the last couple of years, US trans women like Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox have come into the gay male consciousness (not that I’m seeking to draw broad comparisons between the experiences of two very different trans women). Given the ignorance of trans issues – and the trans…

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This Gay Ally Just Got a Highway Named After a Transgender Teen


A name her parents refused to recognize is now immortalized on a highway sign.

Originally posted on The New Bullying Prevention:

Leelah Alcorn

You’ll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart.
George Michael

leelahalcornhighwayThe death of Leelah Alcorn, a 17-year-old transgender girl who committed suicide last year just outside of Cincinnati, hit many people hard. Her death, and the heartfelt message she left just before it,made international news headlines as an example of what happens when schools, families and communities don’t do enough to combat transphobia. Chris Fortin was one of the millions of people who were touched by the story, and this month he decided to take it upon himself to name a section of the highway on which Alcorn died in her honour.

flagge-regenbogen-whirlpool-60x90Fortin is a 33-year-old gay man who runs a small translation company from his home near Cincinnati. For him, Alcorn’s story was deeply personal: They had both attended nearby Kings High School, albeit more than a decade…

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The Complexity of Identity


Creating a trans inclusive environment…

Originally posted on Hope - Counselling - Training - Gender - Trauma:

It was an odd experience, delivering trans awareness training at Nottingham Women’s Centre. I had spent many, many hours within those walls, and one thing you could always rely on was “man in the building” signs when somebody male was invited in for a meeting, training or other work.

“Should we put up “genderqueer in the building” signs?” I agonised, knowing I was walking into a building I am increasingly less comfortable NWCto be in.

The timing was strange – the very next day I would be starting on hormone therapy, a therapy that will probably in time make me look and sound more male. Since making this decision, I am constantly being challenged that I am “really a trans man”. I try to explain to people – I am currently read as a woman, but I am non-binary. In future, I may be read more often as a man, but I will still be…

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AIDS Quilt Documentary “The Last One” Plans World AIDS Day Screenings


I am pleased that this film will reach a wider audience. I was there for the first display of the Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt in 1987, a year later I read names of Massachusetts losses along with Rep. Barney Frank and others at a display of local quilt panels in Boston, in 1989 I went to the display in Washington DC with my buddy Peter whose name is now on the quilt. For those of us who lived through those tough years it is important that lives of the people lost be remembered along with caregivers, medical professionals and activists that worked to see the arrival of medicine that allows people with HIV to now live long lives.

Originally posted on O-blog-dee-o-blog-da:

Film Spotlights AIDS Memorial Quilt; Reveals Progress, Setbacks and Hope in the Quest to End AIDS; Youth Campaign (Combining the Quilt Display with Screenings of the Film) Aims to Remind Young People About the History of HIV/AIDS and the Seriousness of the Disease

Posted by Melanie Nathan, November 24, 2015.

NEW YORK, NY–  Red Thread Productions has announced several World AIDS Day screenings for its feature-length documentary, The Last One: Unfolding The AIDS Memorial Quilt, and released plans for a 2016 National Youth Outreach Campaign that will couple displays of the AIDS Memorial Quilt with screenings of the film. The documentary uncovers the birth of the AIDS Memorial Quilt and its impact on politics, science and the media. Through activists like Cleve Jones, Patricia Nalls, and Julie Rhoad, the film explores the role the Quilt continues to play as a response to a disease that, while treatable for some, still…

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Step Right Up Ladies and Gents


Our identities are not always recognized by those we interact with and being recognized for our authentic selves is important. It starts with pronouns and prefixes, and really, that’s not too much to ask.

Originally posted on A Boy and Her Dog:

step-right-upSome days I feel like I’ve accidentally stepped up to a carnival game called Guess What I Am. The odds are stacked against me. The game ranks secondary sex characteristics over gender expression and gender presentation. It ignores my intent. It doesn’t recognize the middle ground.

When asked “What are your preferred gender pronouns (PGPs)?” I usually stammer out “they”. I hate pronouns. Most people use feminine pronouns when they talk about me. It doesn’t feel right, but I don’t stop them. Three years into writing this blog, I remain pronoun challenged.

I am not comfortable with either he or she, or Sir or Ma’am, although Ma’am is the worst. I’m OK with they, Jamie, or nothing. “Nothing” is easy with honorifics and titles. On forms, I leave the title box blank. If I have to fill in something, I use Dr. or Prof. I haven’t seen Mx. on a…

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The Things My Son Is Thankful For


A list of things a gender creative child is thankful for. Give C.J. a few more years and when he thinks of “Queens” it’ll be an even more interesting response! :)

Originally posted on Raising My Rainbow:

IMG_4475“Do you have anything for me to do?” C.J. asked me in a moment of boredom.

He knows that if he complains that he’s bored I’ll tell him that only boring people can be bored and he’d rather be a lot of things than a boring person.

So, in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, I had him make a list of the things he is thankful for from A to Z. He included some things that Chase should be thankful for and failed to mention that he was thankful for his mom or dad — proving that parenting is a thankless job.

Things I Am Thankful For
By: C.J., age 8

I am thankful for:

Art and Andy Warhol
Baby smells (but not bees)
Cupcakes and Colorado
Doctors and dolls
Flowers (the video game Fallout 4 for Chase)
Gogo boots and gummy…

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PRESS RELEASE: New Report Highlights Best and Promising Practices to Engage LGBT Communities Throughout the Cancer Continuum


Best practices to address cancer amongst LGBTQ populations.

Originally posted on LGBT HealthLink, The Network for Health Equity:

For Immediate Release

Contact: Dr. Scout
(954) 765-6024

New Report Highlights Best and Promising Practices to Engage LGBT Communities Throughout the Cancer Continuum


Ft. Lauderdale, FL – LGBT HealthLink and the National LGBT Cancer Network proudly announce the release of a new report, LGBT Best and Promising Practices Throughout the Cancer Continuum. The report is the result of an 18 month national process that engaged cancer survivors, caretakers, and health care providers in-person and online. Current research points to increased cancer risk factors in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities, coupled with lower screening rates and additional challenges in cancer survivorship. While more data are needed, there is adequate knowledge to improve cancer care from prevention through end of life for LGBT people. According to Liz Margolies, LCSW, Executive Director of the National LGBT Cancer Network and one of the report’s editors, “This report represents another…

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New surgery could allow trans women to give birth within five years – Gay Star News

A new, potentially amazing medical breakthrough may allow trans women to conceive children. Here’s the story by Joe Morgan from Gay Star News…


Will this new surgery mean trans women might be able to one day get pregnant? - Photo via Gay Star News

A new surgery could allow trans women to give birth to children within five years.

Last week, it was announced that Cleveland Clinic is performing uterus transplant surgery on women who were born without a womb or whose uterus is diseased or malfunctioning.
And it appears that the day when a trans woman can give birth is closer than we might think.

‘My guess is five, 10 years away, maybe sooner,’ Dr. Karine Chung, director of the fertility preservation program at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine, said according to Yahoo Health.

Dr Christine McGinn, a trans Pennsylvania plastic surgeon, said she would bet ‘just about every transgender person who is female will want to do it, if it were covered by insurance’.

‘The human drive to be a mother for a woman is a very serious thing. Transgender women are no different.’

While it’s still in the research stages, Swedish scientists have transplanted uteri from live donors and achieved five pregnancies and four live births.

But this research doesn’t mean that cis men are suddenly going to be able to give birth – trans women are different in that many have already gone through many of the procedures necessary:

To have a uterus transplant, patients will need:
   ● Hormone therapy to shut off testosterone and introduce progesterone       and estrogen to prepare the uterus for pregnancy
   ● A vagina, preferably, to support the uterus

The big drawbacks are the expense ($25,000 to 1.3 million) and unknown future complications for the trans mom and her child/children.

Read the complete, original report here at Gay Star News:

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The SCOTUS Same Sex Marriage Case Plaintiffs Sound Off on the Mormon Church and Call for a Boycott


Most of you have heard of the alarming new proclamation by the Mormon hierarchy. In this post the plaintiffs in the Supreme Court marriage equality case sound off.

Originally posted on evoL =:

unmormon choir

A few weeks ago, I wrote a letter to the Mormon Church over its new change of policy. That policy not only compared the act of a loving commitment in a same sex marriage to the sin of murder, it specifically called out and ostracized our children. It was the first time a major religion targeted the children of LGBT families and treated them as pariahs.

The sting of that action has been felt far and wide by LDS members and non-members alike. One reaction to the attack was the development of a petition asking that conscientious singers and performers take a stand and decline invitations to perform with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, probably the single most positive outreach into the secular world that the LDS Church deploys. The petition has been catching momentum, and now it has 15 more very prominent signatures.

They are those of a majority of…

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Suspected Murderer of Gay Texan Arrested in Indiana


The suspect in the murder of a gay man is in custody.

Originally posted on Unfinished Lives:

David James Brown Jr., 22, suspect in the brutal murder of a Texas gay man David James Brown Jr., 22, suspect in the brutal murder of a Texas gay man

Delphi, Indiana – A prime suspect in the murder of a gay Texan whose body was found near his burned out truck last weekend has been arrested, and awaits extradition back to Texas. Click2Houston.com reports that 22-year-old David James Brown Jr. of Conroe was apprehended and taken into custody on November 17 without resistance by authorities. The Dallas Voice adds that the arrest was made in a CVS Pharmacy parking lot. Brown has been charged with capital murder.

Marc Pourner, 28, was found dead from blunt force trauma to the head in a stand of trees in Montgomery County, Texas on Saturday night. Evidence suggests that Pourner was gagged and bound prior to being bludgeoned to death. His truck was completely burned out near where his body was found. Many, including his father, Mark Pourner…

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