Thanksgiving Survival Guide – Media Matters Take Action

Some of you will be going to Thanksgiving dinner and gatherings where their are people who have gotten their information from Fox News and right wing social media. Media Matters has just what you need 12 facts that will shine the light of truth on subjects that might arise from right leaning Thanksgiving guests…

Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Don’t let right-wing lies ruin your Thanksgiving dinner.
This year, be ready with the facts.













View the original facts here at Media Matters

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Recommended Reading: Robbie Rogers, Coming Out and Changing Soccer in That’s Gay curated by T.J. DeGroat

Slate has this interesting look at Robbie Rogers and his pioneering role as an openly gay professional sports star in America. Here’s how it begins…


Robbie Rogers suited up for the LA Galaxy. -- Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

By February 2013, Robbie Rogers’ career as a professional soccer player had reached its low point. His stints at Leeds United and lower-league Stevenage in England had been blighted by injury, and because he played so infrequently, he was failing to make an impression on the game. At the age of 25, Rogers had also reached a point in his life where he finally felt comfortable coming out to his parents, siblings, and close friends—if not to his teammates.

His professional and personal lives were like two horses pulling in opposite directions. Something had to give. “All I could focus on now was coming out and getting as far away from soccer as possible.” Having released himself from his contract with Leeds, Rogers announced his retirement in a terse note on his website headlined “The Next Chapter …” In doing so, he shook up professional soccer entirely:

For the past 25 years I have been afraid, afraid to show whom I really was because of fear. Fear that judgment and rejection would hold me back from my dreams and aspirations. … I always thought I could hide this secret. Football was my escape, my purpose, my identity. Football hid my secret, gave me more joy than I could have ever imagined. … Now is my time to step away. It’s time to discover myself away from football.

Continue reading this article here at Slate

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Recommended Reading: Asexuals seek to raise awareness of the ‘invisible orientation’ – The Washington Post

This will be eye opening for many readers of the Washington Post and perhaps some of you as well. I totally understand where the asexual community is coming from. It’s not unlike where those with same-sex attraction come from. You are expected to feel sexual attraction to someone, in our case to someone of the opposite (from a binary perspective) gender or in the case of asexuals anyone at all. The problem is you don’t feel attraction and you feel alienated.

Another reason why I get this issue is it’s relative “newness” as an identity. I have had the same reaction but to gender. Up until recently I’d heard nothing about the range of non-binary gender identities, just like, until recently, asexuals had not been aware that not having sexual attraction was another sexual orientation. I know learning their was a name for people like me as it relates to gender was very liberating as I’m sure discovering an identity and a community was to  asexuals.

Here are the opening paragraphs of this article from Ellen McCarthy writing for the Washington Post


Kate Eggleston, 25, of Falls Church, knew that she was different by the end of elementary school. When she finally met other asexuals, “it was a relief,” she says. (April Greer/For The Washington Post)

On a table in a Chinatown pizza place sat a toy birthday cake.

It was a symbol to newcomers looking for the Asexuals of the Mid-Atlantic Meetup that they had found the right group. Because after all, what’s better than sex? Cake.

Six people in their 20s and 30s showed up that night. They talked about books and previous gatherings and what other members of the group were up to. And they talked about classic “ace moments.”

“Ace” is the nickname for asexuals — people who aren’t sexually attracted to either gender, to anyone at all

Continue reading this article here at the Washington Post

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Will Ferguson Change Us? – National Center for Lesbian Rights

I am so proud that the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) has taken a stand on the miscarriage of justice in Ferguson, Missouri. I have always believed that oppressed groups of people should work together and that there are links between heterosexism, racism, sexism, transsexism, ableism, and other forms of bias. When we work together we strengthen our cause, add allies and become stronger. Here’s the statement released by NCLR today:


November 25, 2014

Will Ferguson Change Us?

By Kate Kendell, Esq.NCLR Executive Director


Michael Brown -- Photo via NCLR

The news that we’d been dreading for weeks finally came last night, and it was as devastating as I had expected. White Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson would not face criminal charges for his killing of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown.

For days the rumors had been swirling that the Ferguson Grand Jury would not issue an indictment of Wilson, but some small part of me remained hopeful. I was so wishing the script would be different this time around. But, no. Once again a black teenager is shot, and no one is held to account.

NCLR issued a statement last night that we had prepared earlier in the day, and which no one wanted to have to send. In part we wrote: “We vacillate between heartbreak and outrage at the decision from the grand jury. Injustice is too tame a word for what today’s decision represents. The fact that an unarmed black youth can be fatally shot by a police officer with no accountability or consequence is a chilling commentary on the worth afforded to young, black lives and the sorry state of racial justice in this country.”

The “sorry state of racial justice in the country” means that Michael Brown will not be the last black teen shot by a white police officer. If we want to end this madness, what must change is the sorry state of racial justice in this country. What must change is the overt and covert denial that we have a race problem in this country. What must change is our failure to confront the multiple ways we stigmatize black and brown people in this country. There is a science to racism, and the science makes clear that we all harbor “unconscious bias” against those who do not look like us. If we do not confront our own internalized racism, we cannot expect the systemic reforms our nation requires to stop the madness.

When I came home last night, the first thing I did was hug my 18-year-old son Julian and apologize to him that once again justice failed. You may remember that Julian and my colleague at the Equal Justice Society each wrote their reflections in the wake of Michael Brown’s killing.  In that piece Julian wrote: “It is obvious that the justice system is not set up to protect people that look like Michael and me.”

With great regret, I am forced to admit that those words are still true.

Kate Kendell, Esq.
NCLR Executive Director

download (1)

For reporting on Ferguson by a young gay freelance reporter visit here:

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How Harvey Milk’s Death, and the World AIDS Losses Brought Us Marriage and Family Equality


A great post that reflects what I have frequently thought…

Originally posted on evoL =:

Harvey and W AIDS DAY

Harvey Milk was shot and killed on November 27, 1978. Almost a decade later, on December 1, 1988 the first World AIDS Day was enacted. The first was a dramatic local tragedy around several local politicians and the second was a health awareness initiative designed to promote education around a growing worldwide pandemic.

Now, in retrospect, both symbolize something so much more. They represent the enormous loss of human life loss sacrifices in the war for equality. They each represent profound deaths which lit a community’s fire of outrage, visibility and call for justice, that ultimately produced a phoenix of equality to rise and take hold of a society — at an acceleration unseen by any other civil rights movement.

The city councilman of a single city became an icon, and as hundreds of thousands of gay men died, they were inadvertently outed, ripping them from families and acquaintances who…

View original 1,471 more words

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Psychologists: Gay propaganda laws meant to help children are hurting them | Gay Star News

Technology’s professional, governing body in Lithuania has spoken out against the restriction of LGBTQ-themed ads on television. Here’s the story from JOE MORGAN writing for Gay Star News

A video ad supporting LGBTI rights in Lithuania can only air after 11pm under the anti-gay law


Baltic Pride 2010 in Lithuania -- Photo from Amnesty International

Lithuania psychologists have claimed gay propaganda laws brought in to ‘protect’ children are actually harming them.

A social video ad about LGBTI rights on television was banned from airing before 11pm at night by broadcasters, saying it would violate the law ‘protecting children’.

The Union of Lithuanian Psychologists have claimed censorship of this kind, seen in many countries including Russia, is what harms young people.

‘The video has no contents that would be scientifically proven to have negative influence on the emotional, spiritual and psychological development and health of minors,’ the Union said.

‘The Union of Lithuanian Psychologists believes not the mentioned video is detrimental, but the ban to speak in public about stigma-related difficulties and discrimination faced by LGBT people in our society, about raising awareness and promote acceptance.’

The statement represents the view of around 500 professionals.

They add homophobia deeply affects the mental stability of teenagers, saying it is the reason why so many are committing suicide.

In the video, produced by The Lithuania Gay League, featured a young man wearing a T-shirt saying ‘For Family Diversity’. There is another caption ‘Family Is Family’ under a rainbow flag.

While homosexuality is legal in Lithuania, attitudes see it as taboo. In 2009 poll, four out of five Lithanians claimed being gay was a ‘disease’.

Read more here at Gay Star News

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FA: Trans people can now play pro football (soccer) | Gay Star News

A major breakthrough has occurred in the UK were the Football Association, the governing body of football (aka soccer), has decided to admit transgender players. Here’s the story from TRIS REID-SMITH writing for Gay Star News

Football Association in UK has groundbreaking trans policy


Photo via Gay Star News

Britain’s Football Association has today thrown open the door for trans soccer players to be themselves on the pitch at every level in the game.

Most sports, including the International Olympic Committee, openly discriminate against or ban transgender athletes saying they are too masculine or feminine to play on either female or male teams.

But now the FA, long criticized for not doing enough to tackle LGBTI bigotry in soccer, has made a major breakthrough.

In a meeting held this afternoon (25 November) at the home of British soccer, Wembley Stadium in London, football insiders were told about a new policy to let trans people play in their affirmed gender.

All they have to do is contact the FA to seek clearance.

The application will take the form of a confidential conversation with the applicant and details of the evidence that The FA would require will be discussed with the person concerned.

The aim will be to let trans people play while making sure the sport is fair and safe for everyone, Transsexuals in Sport founder Delia Johnston told GSN.

‘It is groundbreaking and it sets out a way trans people are able to play and be involved,’ she added.

‘A lot of my trans friends involved in football have said this is what people have been waiting for.

‘Perfection would be that we never have to talk about it again. But as a benchmark I would give this new policy 15 out of 10.’

The FA is the first soccer governing body in the world to take this step and one of the few sporting bodies to be so advanced.

It could also be a model for the other 284 officially governed sports in the UK.

Funke Awoderu, The FA’s equality manager, said: ‘This is a pioneering move for football and one which is designed to help give visibility to the trans community.

‘It is something true to The FA’s mantra that football really is for everyone and I’m pleased this provision has been made to trans people wanting to get involved in our national game.’

Representatives from some of the UK’s leading teams, including Manchester City, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur were at the event today.

They rubbed shoulders with the Gay Football Supporters’ Network, Kick It Out, Just A Ball Game?, Stonewall and Transsexuals in Sport.

A second event will be held on 2 December. Both are designed to tackle the significant LGBTI bullying and bigotry in the game.

You can read the trans policy as well as browse a list of FAQs here.

Read more here at Gay Star News

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